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Internet Dating Song

(Online Dating News Blog) This is a funny song representing how people can be deceiving and be whoever they want when it comes to Internet dating. Here’s one of the excerpts:

“You surmise that I hold three doctorates, and I translate Portuguese opera for fun. You gather from my comments that I’m only 26, but the unvarnished truth is I’m 71…”

It’s a great song. So here is Kim Townsend at the Centennial Rodeo Opry with The Internet Dating Song…

What Online Daters Look for – Internet Dating Tips

(Online Dating News Blog) The following video outlines what online daters are looking for when doing online dating. Not surprisingly, both men and women take a different approach when it comes to online dating. In this interview, Stefan Springman, host of VH1’s Can’t Get A Date, shares some Internet dating tips. If you know what the opposite sex is looking for when it comes to your online dating profile then you can make appropriate adjustments to improve your profile…