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Dating in the Dark – Episode 5 Recap

(Online Dating News Blog) This recap is of the second to last episode of Dating in the Dark (Episode #5 of 6). For those not aware, Dating in the Dark is a reality dating TV experiment to see if people who build relationships in the dark (without seeing each other) can sustain those relationships once it is revealed what they looked like. To date, this test has proven that attraction is still vital to most people in spite of how well they connect with someone they can’t see. Some people are shallow, some are honest, and some are stand-out individuals. What will this week bring?…

Dating in the Dark Recap and Review
Episode #5

The Singles:

Dion(Photographer) — Age 37
Leo (Graphic Designer) — Age 26
Malek (Teacher & Musician) — Age 29

Lisa (Designer) — Age 39
Tanya (Executive Assistant) — Age 24
Tawny (Bartender) — Age 29

This second to last episode of season one began (after introductions) with a group date in the dark room. As far as impressions go, the ladies were impressed with Malek because he’s into music and also a teacher of French, Italian, and Arabic languages. Dion wasn’t impressed with Tawny because he found her to be “too boisterous” and felt their personalities would completely clash.

After the first commercial break, the ladies are allowed to go through the cars the men came in and the men are allowed to go through the cars the women came in so that they could learn more about the personalities of each person. The most embarrassing was Malek’s car because in the dark room he had professed himself as a “romantic” to the group but in the cup holder of his car was a box of condoms.

Dion’s car was very clean and organized.

Leo’s car had been in an accident and he had night vision goggles in his car. In addition, he had a very strange contraption that straps onto your body and looks like something from the movie Ghost Busters.

For the ladies, Lisa’s car showed a sense of organization and responsibility which impressed Dion in particular.

Tanya’s car had a lot of music and some of her personal journals that she would write in.

Tawny had a nice sports car, long boots, and cigarettes in her car. Leo was most impressed with her car.

Now come the first dates. Each selected as follows:

Lisa and Dion picked each other. Their date was great as they talked about traveling and other things they had in common. Both felt a good connection.

Malek selected Tanya. Tanya immediately asked Malek about the condoms in his cup holder. He didn’t have an explanation except to say, “at least you know I’m safe”.

Leo also selected Tanya. Tanya found him to be too forward as immediately he started talking about and hinting at kissing each other, which was a turnoff to her.

Tawny selected Leo. Both of them hit it off as they did a slow dance with each other and started feeling a connection.

Next came the compatibility results and none of the singles were happy with the results (a first). Here were the matches along with how strong the perceived compatibility was:

Tawny/Dion (65%)
Lisa/Malek (63%)
Tanya/Leo (69%)

The rules of Dating in the Dark specify that couples must date who they are matched with except during the “free time” in which they can select whoever they want. All the compatibility dates were a complete disaster and none of the couples liked each other. No one could wait for free time to get together with who they liked. And that would be…

They got really close during their date, talking about family and how both of their father’s died of cancer when they were kids. They made a strong connection.

Tawny is a very boisterous and in your face person and likes the same. She found Leo to be “too quiet”. However, Leo thought the date went great and really liked Tawny.

Both really hit it off and Tanya was finding herself more and more attracted to Malek, particularly because of his cultural background and knowledge.

For the second straight week, the show brought back the sketch artist so that each person could sketch what they thought the person they liked looked like. As usual, the sketches were funny to look at, particularly Leo’s rendition of Tawny where he had her wearing a tiny party hat on her head that said “party time” with confetti coming out of it.

Tanya was concerned about the sketch Malek had done of her because it made her look exotic and thin. She is neither.

Dion was very impressed with how much the sketch Lisa had done of him looked like him. The sketch Dion had done of Lisa made her look like a hippie.

Now came the reveals.

Leo was anxious to see Tawny, but she was a no show. She decided to leave the house and not continue anymore. So Leo was taken in the dark room and shown a blank wall for the reveal.

Dion was blown away by Lisa’s looks. Lisa also liked Dion’s looks but wasn’t “blown away”.

Tanya said that Malek would have to look hideously ugly for her not to continue pursuing a relationship with him. In the reveal, both found something not to be impressed about with the other. Malek wasn’t impressed with Tanya’s body type and Tanya wasn’t impressed with Malek’s receding hairline and his overall look.

In the End:

> Tanya (who had said that Malek would have to be hideously ugly for her not to pursue a relationship) ended up leaving Malek standing on the balcony as she rejected him, walking out the front door instead.

> With Tawny already gone, there was nothing left for Leo.

> Dion waited on the balcony for Lisa and was ecstatic when she showed up on the balcony with him. He was really attracted to her and she described him as her “perfect match”. They drove off together.

What we Learned:

> It’s still the women rejecting the men and not vice-versa. There has to be some psychology regarding this because it is overwhelming this entire season. Out of the first five episodes a guy has only rejected a girl on the balcony once. That’s it.

> Compatibility tests don’t always work. In this episode they failed miserably.

> Interestingly enough, ABC stopped saying (as of this episode), “for updates on the couples go to…” where they weren’t giving updates, but were generating a lot of complaints. ABC’s lack of updates on the couples in the show is disturbing.

Funny Dating in the Dark Spoof – Dining in the Dark

(Online Dating News Blog) It was only a matter of time before some Dating in the Dark spoofs started to pop up on YouTube.

The video below we first discovered from the folks at YouTube Funny Video Clips (thousands of funny YouTube videos). This particular spoof is called Dining in the Dark where one man must choose between three different foods that he can only get to know in the dark. What happens when he is attracted to one particular food, but finds out when it is revealed that it isn’t what he thought?

Here is Dining in the Dark…

Phobic Pheebs Talks Dating in the Dark

(Online Dating News Blog) We came across a really interesting YouTube video today where someone called “PhobicPheebs” talks about the reality TV show, Dating in the Dark.

Phobic Pheebs presents her opinion in a “show style” which makes it a bit more interesting to watch. In this episode she tackles whether or not looks really matter.

So today we’re pleased to present you with Phobic Pheebs comments on Dating in the Dark:

Dating in the Dark Episode 4 Recap

(Online Dating News Blog) Dating in the Dark is a dating reality TV show that seeks to answer the question, “how important are looks in a relationship?” The show answers the question by having couples get to know each other in a dark room over a series of four days before revealing what each person looks like. Could looks ruin chemistry that was developed in the darkroom? Are most people shallow when it comes to looks? Do looks really matter? During its six week summer run, Dating in the Dark answers those questions in this unique social experiment.

Dating in the Dark Recap and Review
Episode #4

The Singles:

Jeff (Aerospace Engineer) — Age 23
Amit (Internet Marketing Consultant) — Age 29
Cormac (Paramedic) — Age 32

Shannon (Brand Manager) — Age 24
Misty (Self Employed Marketer) — Age 35
Kelly (Waitress) — Age 25

The episode starts with both groups meeting in the darkroom where they can’t see each other. The girls arrive first and remain very quiet so that the guys won’t know they are there. Then when the guys reach the table, the girls start laughing. Had they stayed quiet a little bit longer, they may have overheard some interesting conversation. Amit jokes to one of the girls, “by the way, you look great” (of course they can’t see each other – not even their hand in front of their face.” Kelly asks the guys what is the most romantic thing they’ve ever done and Cormac says that he wrote and sang a song for a girl once.

After the initial date, the groups are separated again. The guys are then allowed to see video footage of each lady’s home and the ladies are allowed to see video footage of each guy’s home.

Misty’s home is very nice and organized and she has a gun target in her room with bullets in it. The guys joke about not messing around with her.

Kelly’s home has lots of baked food in it (showing she likes to bake) and is very sunny. It also has a surfboard.

Shannon’s home is quite messy. The drawers are disorganized, the cupboards just have stuff thrown around in them, and ants are crawling everywhere.

Now to the guys. Amit has a home that is big with some not-so-modern furniture leading the girls to believe he lives with his parents. The solo bed in the living room area confirms the suspicions.

Cormac has a very masculine looking home with the colors and style. He also has his guitar and surfboard.

The ladies aren’t sure what to think of Jeff’s place because it has a very feminine look to it. It’s very clean with feminine colors. He also has a teddy bear. Kelly ends up commenting, “Jeff’s place is, I think, more feminine than my own apartment.”

For the initial first dates, each person is allowed to select who they want to go on a date in the darkroom with. Each selects as follows:

Amit and Misty select each other. The date goes great and Misty thinks there is a great chemistry and connection. However, we do see that Amit is a little bit shorter than Misty.

Shannon selects Cormac. He asks her about the ants and she says that she used to kill them, but started getting bad karma so now she doesn’t kill the ants anymore and views them as her “pets”.

Jeff selects Shannon. They have a good date. In one part he asks how much she spends on her hair when she gets it done – “how many hundreds?” and she says “$15” which he loves. They both feel a connection.

Cormac and Kelly select each other and make a good connection.

The host now reveals to the singles which person they are matched with based on compatibility tests they took and relationship expert analysis. They are also told, via a percentage, how strong the match is.  The results are:

Kelly/Cormac (83%)
Misty/Amit (72%)
Shannon/Jeff (75%)

Now each must date the person they are matched with for the four days (with the exception of free time which isn’t covered in this episode).

Jeff and Shannon go on their date again and he brings a dessert plate and feeds her. In the end, she kisses him on the cheek leaving a lipstick mark that the other two guys tease him about.

In the Misty and Amit date, Misty brings a hula hoop for them to have fun with in the dark and Amit brings some boxing gloves, which Misty has fun hitting him with. Misty thinks the match is “right on”.

Cormac brought his guitar to the date with Kelly and he sang her a song.  She has fun with that.

The show skips what the couples do during their free time and instead jumps to the “final dates” which are themed as “dancing in the dark”.

During the Jeff and Shannon date, Shannon (who tends to “tease” a lot) thought Jeff was “dancing too close”. She calls him a “dirty dancer”.

Misty and Admit have fun dancing, but Misty starts to really notice what she calls “the height issue” since he’s a tad shorter than her.

Kelly and Cormac have a great time together and even talk a bit after dancing and enjoy a first kiss. Both feel a strong connection with each other.

At this point, the show brings in a sketch artist for the girls and one for the guys for them to draw what they think the person they have been dating looks like.  This was first done in episode #1, but not since. Shannon told her sketch artist to draw him like Chris from In-Synch (how old was Shannon again?).

In Jeff’s sketch of Shannon, he has her drawn with blond hair. She’s a brunette (the couples aren’t allowed to say anything about their appearance, including color of hair, eyes, etc.).

After the sketches are drawn, they are taken to the person that was sketched. Everyone has a good laugh except for Kelly who didn’t like Cormac’s sketch of her because he shows her with a scowl on her face and she’s a happy person. She thought he did a terrible job of capturing her “personality” in the sketch.

Now comes the big part of the show – the reveal. This always tells a lot about a person.

Jeff and Shannon are first. Jeff likes Shannon’s looks. Shannon absolutely loves Jeff’s look, telling the girls after the reveal that “he’s really cute” and “adorable.” He looks so good that she starts to think that maybe they have a stronger connection than she originally thought.

Up next are Amit and Misty. Misty thinks Amit is “cute” but Amit isn’t quite sure what to think of Misty’s look and can’t put it into words..

For the Kelly and Cormac reveal, Kelly is quite nervous and fidgety. She’s revealed and Cormac likes her. When Cormac is revealed, Kelly isn’t as impressed because of his “pretty boy” look. She thinks he looks like a model on a magazine and she doesn’t like that look. She tells the other girls, “My mom would be impressed. My mom would like that guy”.

In the End:

> Jeff wants to see Shannon again and waits on the balcony. Shannon instead walks out the front door, rejecting him. She says he was “too forward” but that him being so cute made her choice much harder.

> Amit, who wasn’t smitten with Misty’s looks, decided he wanted to continue to see her because of the connection they formed while dating in the dark. So he waits on the balcony. Misty, however, walks out the front door, rejecting him because “I cannot get past the height.” He was shocked that she didn’t show up on the balcony with him.

> Cormac waited on the balcony feeling that he had a “authentic connection with Kelly”. But Kelly had to debate if she wanted to see him more because of his “pretty boy” look. But in the end she decided that her connection with him supersedes her thoughts on his looks and she shows up on the balcony with him.

What We Learned:

> So far this season when it’s come to rejection, it’s overwhelmingly been the women rejecting the men. Why do you think this is? One female friend of mine believes it is because women tend to get a mental picture of the guy and when that doesn’t match, they can’t reconcile it.  Her theory is that women tend to think ahead a lot more than men and as a result, it’s harder for women to accept something that doesn’t match their mental thought process.

> As confirmed in this episode with the Misty situation, height is vital to a lot of women. Many women just don’t like to be taller than the guy they are dating. Anyone wish to elaborate on this as to why it is?

Dating in the Dark Ratings Take a Nosedive

(Online Dating News Blog) The ratings for the reality TV series Dating in the Dark took a nosedive in the show’s third week and it’s first week without “The Bachelorette” as a lead in. In it’s first two weeks, Dating in the Dark had more than 6 million viewers. However, this past Monday, August 3, the show could only manage 3.6 million, coming close to losing half of its audience. The validity of the “social experiment” is also being brought into question with continuing revelations that several people appearing on the show as singles have an acting background, including Seth and Sasha.

Dating in the Dark is a six week series that features singles getting to know each other in a darkroom for four days, then having to decide if they want to continue the relationship they were building once the looks of the person they were seeing are revealed. If ratings continue downhill, it is likely that the show will not be renewed for another season next summer.

Dating in the Dark – Sasha’s Acting Background

(Online Dating News Blog) The Online Dating News Blog has uncovered yet another actress appearing on the so called “reality TV” show, Dating in the Dark. Two week’s ago we exposed Seth, from episode 1, as being an actor. Now we’ve discovered that Sasha from episode #3 has appeared on TV several times in shows, as a reporter, and as a guest star.

Dating in the Dark is being questioned for how “real” it actually is when it is using several people with acting backgrounds to portray everyday Americans looking for love. In week #1 it was Seth. In week #2 it was Chrystee, and in week #3 it was Sasha. And those are only the ones we have learned about.

In the third episode of Dating in the Dark, Sasha initially wasn’t identified with an occupation. Later, the show listed her as being a “writer”. Yet they didn’t list that she is also an actress. Her full name is Sasha Perl-Raver. She’s appeared on several TV shows and is currently a correspondent for the Fox News Channel “Lips and Ears”. In 1999, she was named Miss San Francisco. Because of her chef experience (something not talked about on the show), she has been featured on the Food Network and Bravo. She’s done quite a bit of work for Hollywood actors, actresses, and insiders.

In it’s first two weeks, Dating in the Dark easily won its time slot among 18-49 year olds. But in week three, the show took a nose dive, coming in a distant three among the three top networks. The third week featured three ladies, including Sasha, all vying for the affection of one guy, Chris. But in the end when Chris was revealed, all three rejected hm. They only liked him in the dark.

Sasha Per-Raver, as it turns out, is a talented writer penning for many Web venues, including her own site called Gossip Sauce.

Wedding Entrance Dance Spawns Divorce Entrance Dance

(Online Dating News Blog)  A couple that got married in June, Jill & Kevin, were boosted into stardom when their Wedding Entrance Dance video received millions of views on YouTube and national media attention.

Now, a production company has created a spoof of Jill and Kevin’s Wedding Dance video. This time it’s the Divorce Dance and it’s quite entertaining.

Here are both videos:

Original Wedding Dance Video

New Divorce Dance Video

Dating in the Dark Episode #3 Recap

(Online Dating News Blog) Dating in the Dark is a reality TV show that is a social experiment on how singles react if they first have to get to personally know someone without seeing them. This is accomplished by having singles (three guys and three girls every week) meet in a completely black dark room. Only on day four of the four-day experiment are the looks of the people revealed.

Dating in the Dark Recap and Review
Episode #3

The Singles:

Chris (Personal Trainer) — Age 26
Philip (Marine) — Age 27
Billy Ray (no occupation given – is the show hiding that he is an actor like Seth was?) — Age 33

Sasha (writer) — Age 30
Megan (Nanny) — Age 23
Jennifer (Air Force) — Age 30

Right off the bat we learn some interesting things about some of the singles in this episode of Dating in the Dark. For example, the father of Chris passed away from cancer when Chris was only 11. When Chris turned 15 he learned that he had cancer too. Sasha admitted she is somewhat shallow saying, “I usually date boys who are hot”. And Billy Ray shared some thoughts on the show before the first group date, saying “simply by lack of sight there’s no guards up. And if there are, they are dissolved immediately.

During the group date, there’s a lot of chatter going on. One of the guys asks what each lady’s perfect date would be. Sasha gave the most interesting answer saying that the guy would make her laugh so hard that she would both barf and pee her pants… okayyyyyy…

For the initial free choice dates:

Billy Ray chose Megan (and she also chose him)
Sasha chose Billy Ray (but didn’t like him because he was allergic to cats)
Chris chose Jennifer (he did pushups with her on his back at her request)
Philip chose Jennifer (Jennifer liked him)
Sasha chose Chris (and was touched by his family story)

The women were allowed to go through the wallets of the men and the men were allowed to go through the purses of the women. Billy Ray had Lotto tickets and little cash in his wallet. Philip had over $400 in cash in his wallet. Chris had a CPR card. The men noticed that Jennifer likes to chew on a lot of items in her purse. As one guy put it, “she probably has the munchies all the time”. They were impressed with how organized Megan’s purse was.

After the initial dates, it is revealed who were matched together based on compatibility tests done before the show. Here are the results, along with what the compatibility score was:

Sasha & Billy Ray (70%)
Jennifer & Philip (73%)
Megan & Chris (71%)

About being matched with Billy Ray, Sasha said, “that’s why being good on paper doesn’t make for a good relationship.”

Chris (who the first two girls he went on a date with liked him) was excited about being matched with Megan since they had not had a chance to date. They were first up. For the date, Chris brought in a plate (to the darkroom) with six items on it (i.e. an apple, bread, etc.) and had her do a taste test to see how many she could get right. Megan got all six right. Her “prize” (per her request) was an “arm tickle” where he would run his fingers up and down her arm.

Neither Billy Ray or Sasha liked each other and both found themselves bored on the date.

Jennifer and Philip did Salsa dancing, but Jennifer wasn’t feeling any “vibes” seeing him more as a “brotherly” figure.

All three girls like Chris and this became prevalent when, during the “free time”, all three girls invited Chris on a date.

Quickly the other two guys, Philip and Billy Ray realized that they would not find their match on the show as they couldn’t establish a connection with any of the girls, all who were vying for the affections of Chris.

At this point the show becomes more like “The Bachelor”. The girls only want to date Chris now. Who will Chris choose?

For the final date, Chris decides he’s going to kiss all three women, saying, “you can tell a lot by the way a girl kisses, so I told myself I would kiss all three girls to see how they kiss.”

He did kiss all three and found the best kisser to be Jennifer (Jen).

The girls were all attracted to how open Chris was in talking about his experiences.

For the reveal, the other two guys forfeited their option to see any of the girls revealed.  As a result, the show decided to allow Chris to see all three girls and, of course, all three girls would be allowed to see him. But were their expectations too high based on how attracted they were to him in the darkroom?…

The first reveal was Megan and Chris.  About her looks, Chris said, “She looks like a bigger girl than most the girls I’ve dated in the past. She’s not my ideal look, but I’m definitely attracted to her.” Megan was disappointed in the look of Chris saying thatt he doesn’t look like the type of guy she’d go out with (basing that mostly on his clothing style).

The second reveal was Sasha and Chris. Sasha was extremely fidgety and nervous saying later that standing there waiting for the light to come on to reveal you, that you “almost feel naked”. About the looks of Sasha, Chris said, “again, she’s a bigger girl than I’m used to.” He also didn’t like her red hair as he’s not attracted to redheads. About Chris, Sasha wasn’t impressed with his look.

The final reveal was Jennifer (Jen) and Chris. About Jennifer, Chris said she was “totally the most attractive” of the three. He liked her looks.  Jennifer stated that she was “totally attracted to him, but he has a young brotherly look.”

Chris decided he like Jennifer the best. But Chris would have to stand on the balcony and see which of the three would join him then he’d have to reveal his decision.

In the End:

> Sasha was first. She walked out the front door, choosing not to show an additional interest in him.

> Megan was next. She walked out the front door, rejecting Chris.

> That just left Jennifer and Chris was anxious for her to appear on the balcony so that they could continue to date each other. He anxiously waited and heard a door opening, only it was the front door and not the balcony door. Jennifer also rejected Chris. In the end she felt he was too young (she’s 30, he’s 26, but he has a “baby face”). She said, “I feel horrible about not choosing Chris.”

What We Learned:

> When it comes to dating it is still all about looks. In the dark room, all three girls absolutely loved Chris. They liked how he was honest, open and sincere and they could relate to him. They were all excited to choose him… until his looks were revealed. Then all three rejected him. Sasha admitted she was shallow, saying, “I know I’m superficial and I’m kind of OK with that.”

> Looks aside, a lot of women seem attracted to men who are genuine, honest, and sincere.

Dating in the Dark Episode #2 Recap

(Online Dating News Blog) Dating in the Dark is a six-episode reality TV series to see what happens when people get to know each other based on personality and not on looks then if any connection between couples can continue when the looks are revealed.

Dating in the Dark Recap and Review
Episode #2

The Singles:

Jason (Marketing Consultant) — Age 31
Matt (Land Developing Consultant) — Age 28
Doug (Pitching Coach for St. Louis Cardinals Organization) — Age 31

Megan (Aspiring Sommelier in Wine School) — Age 31
Lindsey (Operations Manager) — Age 26
Chrystee (Actress) — Age 32

Episode #2 of Dating in the Dark started off like the previous week, with the three guys and three girls meeting in the dark room where they couldn’t see each other. When the girls entered, the guys remained quiet so that the girls wouldn’t know they were there then they let out a yell, effectively scaring the girls.

After the first initial meeting (no major revelations), the girls are taken to the guys room and allowed to go through their luggage and the guys are taken to the girls room and allowed to go through their luggage. While going through Chrystee’s stuff, the guys come across a Bible, making them wonder how religious she is.

For the first set of dates, each person is allowed to select whoever they want based on first impressions and the luggage reveal. Megan and Matt select each other. Jason and Lindsey choose each other. Chrystee selects Jason and Doug selects Lindsey.

During the Chrystee and Jason date, Jason is turned off by how quickly Chrystee brings up religion and her strong faith in God and importance of it in her life. Doug and Lindsey really connected.

When the dates are over, the singles are told that before they came on the show a group of experts and compatibility tests determined who they would be most compatible with and that it would be revealed along with the “compatibility score”.  From then on, those matched would be required to go on dates with each other, but during “free time” could select whoever they wanted to go on a date with.

The compatibility matches are revealed as follows:

Megan & Matt (81%)
Chrystee & Jason (75%)
Lindsey & Doug (73%)

Doug & Lindsey immediately connect in the dark room and Doug brings some melted chocolate so that the two of them could play games with it. His idea is to dip his finger in the chocolate and have the girl take his hand and dab the chocolate from his finger on the spot of her body where she wants to be kissed. The problem is him finding the place she dabbed in the dark!

Initially Jason was turned off by Chrystee with her discussion of religion on the first date.  But this time Chrystee brought in a football and the two of them played games with it in the dark while wrestling. Jason felt a connection after that.

Matt brought an indoor surf board in the dar room for him and Megan to play with. She has a lot of fun on it and the two end the date with a kiss.

The first dates with compatibility partners

Unlike last week, during free time some singles decided to see others, but there was no connection. In the end (the final date), each chose to see the person they were compatible with.

The rules for the final date were that the guys would cook the girls dinner and the girls would give the guys a back massage.

Chrystee and Jason were first up and Chrystee asked if she they could hold hands and pray before eating. Jason agrees. Later he says to the camera, that he’s more attracted to Chrystee when she’s playful than when she’s serious.

As with before, Dave and Lindsey enjoy their final date with each other, keeping their connection alive. Barring and serious setback, it’s apparent at this point that they’ll continue to see each other.

Megan and Matt had an interesting date where they were playful with their words, jiving each other, but getting a bit physical in the end.

Next up is the reveal where the couples are brought into a room and have to remain quiet. Each couple faces each other (likely placed there by producers) and one at a time a small light reveals what they look like to their partner. Then that light goes off and the other person is revealed. Here are the responses to the reveal:

Jason & Chrystee
Jason was attracted to Chrystee’s look, but still had serious concerns about her religion.
Chrystee thought Jason was “handsome”

Doug & Lindsey
When returning to the room, Lindsey said “wow” and thought Doug had the nicest smile.
Doug thoought Lindsey was a good looking girl, but that she had some complexion issues (pimples)

Megan & Matt
Megan thought Matt was “the whole package”.
Matt was “very unsure” as Megan was heavier than the type of girl he’s attracted to.

In the End:

> To no one’s surprise, Doug and Lindsey decided they wanted to keep seeing each other.

> Jason walked away, leaving Chrystee on the balcony alone.  He felt that Chrystee’s religion overpowered his desires.

> Megan was waiting on the balcony hoping Matt would show up. When he did, she let out a scream, absolutely thrilled he decided keep seeing her.

What we Learned:

> Talking about religion on a first date can be a turnoff to some.

> For two weeks in a row, a single who is an “actor/actress” is involved in the date that doesn’t work out. This week the show let us know Chrystee was an actress, but last week they hid the fact that Seth was an actor, making one question the possible validity of the show.

> For two weeks straight the compatibility tests have a 2/3rds success rate.

Action Items:

> Dating experts have identified some topics as not being a good idea to discuss on a first date. The list includes politics, religion, and ex boyfriends/girlfriends. Those are topics that can instantly kill a first date or someone’s initial impression of you.

Final Thoughts:
I’m not convinced that there isn’t some scripting in this “reality show” yet. I also don’t like that their is so much influence/interference with the show (i.e. making the guys cook dinner for the final date and girls give massages, one of the couples always bringing an object into the dark room. Last week it was “meaningful things” and this week it was “play things”. The show doesn’t tell us they influence this, but it’s obvious they do.