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eHarmony Free Communication Weekend for November 2009

(Online Dating News Blog) Another eHarmony Free Communication Weekend is here! From November 19 through November 22 those who are signed up on eHarmony will have the ability to communicate with their matches for free. And some people have found success during the free communication weekends. One of those people is a girl named Celeste who met her match, Thomas, during a free communication weekend event back in February of this year. She says, “Thomas and I met on eHarmony on a Free Communication Weekend at the end of March 2009, and it has been amazing ever since.”

eHarmony is known as an online relationship service as its focus is on relationships as opposed to casual dating.

Modern Love Study Needs Your Input

(Online Dating News Blog) Online Dating Magazine is sponsoring a major new study on people’s attitudes regarding love and relationships. It analyzes attitudes, thoughts and feelings you currently hold toward your partner and your current relationship. It does not have to be with someone you met online as the study is measuring both online and offline relationships. Even if you are in a same-sex relationship, you qualify to take the study.

The study consists of about 130 questions that will measure your attitude and feelings in regards to your current relationship.  The study does not ask for your name, however if desired you can provide your email address (optional) in order to receive the results of the study when it is complete and the findings have been calculated.

Click here to take part in the study.

LavaLife Holding “Ladies Night” Tonight

(Online Dating News Blog) LavaLife is holding a “Ladies Night” event tonight from 6pm to midnight which allows all ladies on LavaLife to use the entire service for free. This includes emailing, instant messaging, everything. LavaLife sent notices to all of its members about the event. To guys, the notice read, “Tired of Making the First Move? We’re giving ladies free communication tonight”.

LavaLife, based in Canada, has become a major worldwide online dating service and in the past two years has used creativity to help boost business. The service now hosts online speed dating events for members and holds contests to help keep profiles updated and active on the service.

Ladies who sign up before tonight will be able to participate in the free communication event. Because of LavaLife’s “Reply for Free” policy, and men getting messages from a lady will be allowed to respond for free. You can click here to sign up for LavaLife.

Video – Why You Should Always Upload a Photo

(Online Dating News Blog) This is a funny video, presented in story form, that demonstrates one reason that you should always upload a photo.

A guy is in his room winking at a bunch of girls online. *wing* *wink* *wink* *wink* when suddenly he gets an instant response from one of the girls he winked at. The two do a brief online chat before deciding to meet up that night at a Karaoke bar.

That’s when the payoff happens….

Funny Wedding Vows from Couple that Met Online

(Online Dating News Blog) This is a video that we featured today at our YouTube Funny Video Clips Website.

The couple in this Wedding video met online in 1996. The groom decided he wanted to write about how they met and got to where they are at. So he put his story on paper and gave it to the minister to read. And from the start when he talks about how they met online you can see it’s going to be one silly, funny, and sincere speech – perfect to make people at the Wedding laugh and cry…