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Valentine’s Day Statistics

Happy Valentine’s Day! On behalf of the team at Online Dating Magazine, we wish you a safe and romantic day. Here are some interesting Valentine’s Day statistics…

> Valentine’s Day is the second biggest day for Greeting Card companies. Only at Christmas are more cards sold. Every year there are more than $1 billion in Valentine’s Day card sales.

> Single males outnumber single females – 119 to 100, creating a better selection for women in search of love.

> For the first time ever, two major online dating services – LavaLife and eHarmony are making their services free for the entire month of February.

> 73% of people who buy flowers on Valentine’s Day are male. There’s no stat as to how many of the females buying flowers are secretaries buying them for their boss to give to his wife.

> While men buy the majority of flowers on Valentine’s Day, women buy the majority of Valentine’s Day cards – 83% to 17%.

> Valentine’s Day is the biggest day of the year for proposals.

> 3% of Americans give their pet a Valentine’s Day gift.

> 15% of singles send flowers to themselves on Valentine’s Day.

Online Dating Video for Robots

When you’re a robot, things are much harder to come by because there is a lack of manuals, information, support, and videos for robots to accomplish the various daily robotic duties. Luckily some people saw this need and have made an online dating safety video for robots. This video helps robots maneuver the world of online dating in search of their true love and lifelong partner. So if you have a robot in your family, be sure to show them this video so that they can be educated about online dating and online dating safety in our growing age of robotics…