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Online Dating Tonight 07 – Online Dating Lies

(Online Dating Tonight) If you’ve been online dating for awhile then chances are that you’ve gone on a first date with someone only to find out that they had lied in their profile. They may have lied by posting an old photo, fudging on their weight, changing their height, or even their status. Whatever it is, you probably were a bit dismayed that this person you were talking about would lie. After all, don’t they know the truth will come out and likely on the first date? Well welcome to online dating – a world where more than 50% of people (yes, a majority of people) lie on their online dating profiles. So what do they lie about and why do they do it? That’s the topic of this week’s Online Dating Tonight show where relationship expert Taumara shares her insight.

Lying and Online Dating

Online Dating Tonight 06 – Online Dating Tips

(Online Dating Tonight) In this sixth episode of Online Dating Tonight, the subject of online dating tips is tackled. These are general online dating tips to help you get more responses and, overall, have more success with online dating. In this episode, Lela (an online dating expert) talks about what to consider when joining a service and what to do when creating your profile or communicating with other people whose profile you’ve read. And if you’re a Star Trek fan, you’ll learn that Cassandra (the show’s host) knows how to handle Klingons.

Online Dating Tips

Online Dating Tonight 05 – Charlie Sheen

(Online Dating Tonight) For the fifth episode of Online Dating Tonight, the team decided to have a little fun. And because the show is produced by Online Dating Magazine, we can give you some additional insight. Because the show takes awhile to produce and airs weekly, the creation process can sometimes get tedious. So to break up the monotony a bit, it was decided to create a fun spoof-like episode of Online Dating Tonight.

With Charlie Sheen in the news so much, the decision was made to do an episode where Charlie Sheen was being interviewed about online dating. But instead of using a human/computer voice like is done with the other characters, we would take real quotes/audio of Charlie Sheen and use it in response to questions asked by the host. The team was happy with the results, but the episode ended up being a discouragement as the views weren’t as much as past episodes despite increased publicity. So it’s unlikely that something like that will be tried again. But, in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this fifth episode and the fun/spoof humor put into it. We’ve pasted our favorite exchange from the episode below the video. We now give you…

Charlie Sheen and Online Dating

Cassandra: Tell me, what’s the toughest thing about online dating?
Charlie: I don’t have a job!
Cassandra (looking straight faced into the camera): No, you don’t.

Online Dating Tonight 04 – QandA

(Online Dating Tonight) This fourth episode of Online Dating Tonight features a question and answer session with the three previous guests on the first three episodes of Online Dating Tonight. The show allows viewers, such as yourself, to submit online dating questions that are then answered “on air”. The funny thing is that the majority of questions submitted were about Cassandra (hopefully all the attention she gets doesn’t go to her brain). Some of the actual online dating questions submitted include: “What is the most popular online dating service?” and “Is it safer to use a paid service versus a free online dating service?” We now turn you over to Cassandra and the fourth episode of Online Dating Tonight:

Online Dating Tonight – Online Dating Questions and Answers

Online Dating Tonight 03 – Online Dating Safety Tips

(Online Dating Tonight) In the third episode of Online Dating Tonight, the subject discussed is Online Dating Safety Tips. There’s been a lot of news lately about online dating safety and has even announced that they are going to start doing sex offender background checks in two months.

The Online Dating Tonight platform allows important and educational information to be dispensed in a fun and creative manner. Host Cassandra has a guest in each episode that addresses a different topic. In this episode, blue-handed Damien shares several safety tips that singles should be aware of when it comes to online dating.

Online Dating Safety Tips

Online Dating Tonight 02 – Online Dating Scams

(Online Dating Tonight) Below is the second episode of the animated talk show, Online Dating Tonight. The subject for week #2 was Online Dating Scams, which contained some interesting statistics and good safety advice. Online dating scams are huge in the United States, ripping tens of millions of dollars out of the hands of US citizens every year. The scammers are good, too, which is why many people who felt they could never be scammed have become victims themselves. They prey on online daters with fake profiles then spend months getting to know you via email, chat, skype, and the phone. They use psychological  tricks to get you to fall in love with them then once they know they have you, the scam begins. Because you are blinded by love, your guard is down making you more vulnerable to the scam.

Online Dating Scams