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ASL plz – Online Dating Short Film

It seems that a guy has found the love of his life online. Who knew that online dating was so good at connecting people that share chemistry? The following online dating short film is titled “ASL plz”. It’s about a guy who is communicating with a girl via online dating/chatting. She seems to be his match made in heaven and he can’t wait to meet her. The interesting part of this movie is that it does a great job of building anticipation before the in-person meeting. You start to feel nervous watching the main character being nervous. The filmmakers did a great job of  getting you interested in seeing the outcome of a 13 minute film with only one word being spoken the entire time. But after the movie ends, some text comes up about a cause that you didn’t really feel was the focus of the film. It was so strangely out of place, that for a second you may wonder if it was another project all together spliced onto the end of this one. It’s not. enjoy the short…

Online Dating Short Film – ASL plz

Social Etiquette on a First Date

In the video below, Sharlene Santana (known as the SOCIALbee Junkie) shares some tips on how to act and behave on a first date or when meeting someone new in a social setting. Some of the tips include:

> No texting or talking on your phone at anytime during the date.

> Keep breaks (i.e. bathroom breaks) to an absolute minimum.

> Don’t complain about anything on your date. Keep it light and pleasant.

> Don’t talk with your mouth full as it is very unattractive.

> Beware of the foods you order (avoid garlic-type foods)

Social Etiquette on a First Date
(8/24/12 Update) 
Unfortunately, it appears that Sharlene Santana has removed this video from YouTube, a social etiquette no-no for video producers.

What tips do you have? Use the comments section below to share your opinion.

Straight to the Point – Jen & Christy on Online Dating

One of the great things about YouTube is that virtually anyone can use it to share their opinions. Take for example, Jen & Christy in the video below. They decided to start a channel offering their opinions and advice. Now before we ever publish a video on the Online Dating News Blog, we first go through it to see if it is worth posting. And in this case… it is.  What we like about this video is that Jen & Christy don’t hold back. They are pretty blunt, which also leads us to warn you that the language in this video is not G-rated. Many cuss words are tossed around freely. Despite the language, the video is refreshing. It’s to the point with excellent advice and tips, mostly around the first communication and your profile. For example – “HI is a greeting, not a conversation starter”. There’s a reason many men don’t hear from women they try to communicate with on an online dating service and Jen & Christy nail quite a few.

Warning: Bad Language (hopefully they don’t do this on a date) 🙂

Straight to the Point – Jen & Christy on Online Dating

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