Favorite Online Dating Magazine Cartoons (101 – 200)

(Online Dating News Blog) A couple of week’s ago, Online Dating Magazine published its 200th dating cartoon since the magazine launched in July 2003.  A few weeks ago we wrote about it and posted our favorite cartoons from the first batch of 100. In this post we relay to you our favorite dating cartoons from the second batch (101-200). And they are…

> Avatar Love
> Too Much Baggage
> Internet Dating Great for Guys
> Remembered Fondly
> No Third Date
> You’re Scaring Me
> Love Tattoos
> Dating Instruction Manual
> Budget Compromise
> The Go To Guy

We hope you enjoyed our selection of favorites!

Online Dating Magazine Publishes 200th Dating Cartoon

(Online Dating News Blog) For several years Online Dating Magazine has published a weekly cartoon about dating, online dating, and/or relationships. The cartoons have been a favorite of Online Dating Magazine readers.

Yesterday, Online Dating Magazine published its 200th cartoon, this one titled, “Hopes and Dreams“.

Here are some of our favorite past cartoons from the first 100 (we’ll do a followup post on our favorites from 101 – 200):

> Suing Online Dating Service
> Fiction Writing Career
> Better Looking Online
> Online Dating Taking Forever
> Dating Service Apology
> Not with Gary Anymore
> Woman with a Blog
> Dragonkiller
> Private Person
> Virtual Memory
> Perfect Match

Stay “tooned” for part 2 of our favorites…

Wedding Entrance Dance Spawns Divorce Entrance Dance

(Online Dating News Blog)  A couple that got married in June, Jill & Kevin, were boosted into stardom when their Wedding Entrance Dance video received millions of views on YouTube and national media attention.

Now, a production company has created a spoof of Jill and Kevin’s Wedding Dance video. This time it’s the Divorce Dance and it’s quite entertaining.

Here are both videos:

Original Wedding Dance Video

New Divorce Dance Video

Mr Bean – Blind Date (The Dating Show)

(Online Dating News Blog) Nothing can spice up a dating show more than an appearance by Mr. Bean.

In this “Blind Date” show, which is much like the U.S. version of The Dating Game, one person asks questions of three bachelor’s that she can’t see. After she’s done asking her questions, she picks one bachelor and they are sent on a weekend date, which is filmed. They then return to the show to talk about their date.

Now imagine if one of those bachelor’s was Mr. Bean, like in this video (it is in two parts)…

Darth Vader in Love

(Online Dating News Blog) It’s not easy for Star War’s Darth Vader to make friends, much less fall in love. So when a new lady joins the Death Star team wearing a pink Vader-like outfit, Darth Vader starts to remember what it is like to love again. And love can sometimes cause people to do crazy things. In essence, Vader immediately becomes Twitterpated at the sight of Aida.

Will Darth Vader’s new love interest feel the same about him?

Here’s the video… Darth Vader in Love

Internet Dating Song

(Online Dating News Blog) This is a funny song representing how people can be deceiving and be whoever they want when it comes to Internet dating. Here’s one of the excerpts:

“You surmise that I hold three doctorates, and I translate Portuguese opera for fun. You gather from my comments that I’m only 26, but the unvarnished truth is I’m 71…”

It’s a great song. So here is Kim Townsend at the Centennial Rodeo Opry with The Internet Dating Song…

Perils of Internet Dating

(Online Dating News Blog) This is a fun short film called “The Perils of Internet Dating” that show the problems people face when meeting an Internet date for the first time. Things just seem to not go well for two different people meeting others… but then they meet each other. Is it love at first site… or just another peril?

Roses for my Online Date

(Online Dating News Blog) Ann and Jeff met on an online dating service and after a few dates together it looked like true love could be in the making. Only three weeks after first meeting in person, Ann’s 24th birthday arrived and Jeff (28 years old) wanted to do something that would impress her and deepen their growing relationship.

So the day before Ann’s birthday, Jeff went to the store and purchased a birthday card. He wrote in it, “Dear Ann, Happy birthday! I have included for you one red rose for every year of your life.”

Jeff sealed the card then went to the florist. He ordered two dozen red roses (24 total) to be delivered to his date’s work the next day. He also gave the florist the card and asked that it be included. Jeff then generously tipped the florist $20 for her help.

The next day as the florist was putting together the two dozen roses, she remembered the $20 tip and as a nice gesture decided to include an extra dozen roses. She then included the card and delivered it as scheduled.

After months of not knowing why Ann never returned his phone calls or emails, Jeff has finally returned to the online dating world.

Funny Dating Quotes

(Online Dating News Blog) It’s always great to share a laugh when it comes to online dating, so the Online Dating News Blog has put together some funny dating quotes that are sure to bring a smile to your face:

“A man who is separated from his wife, but not quite divorced yet, is suing eHarmony.com for refusing to help him find a date… Ah, Man, it’s sad to see what’s happened to Nick Lachey, isn’t it?” ~ Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

“Computer dating is fine… if you’re a computer.” ~ Rita Mae Brown

“According to the Wall Street Journal, in the month of December, 4.3 million people went on a date through Match.com… 4.1 million of them are still missing.” ~ Jay Leno on The Tonight Show.

“I date this girl for two years — and then the nagging starts: ‘I wanna know your name…'” ~ Comedian Mike Binder

“The only time a woman really succeeds in changing a man is when he’s a baby.” ~ Natalie Wood

“Marriage is a fine institution – but I’m not ready for an institution.” ~ Mae West

The Onion Pokes Fun at Women and Online Dating

The Onion, a fake and satire news company, has put out a fake news cast that pokes fun at women and online dating. The segment is titled, “Online Dating Streamlines Rejection for Women”.

An anchor begins by saying, “This Valentine’s Day, millions of single women are wondering if they’ll ever find that someone special. Onion News Network Tech Trends reporter Jeff Tate explains how the Internet has revolutionized the way women irrationally get their hopes up…”

The anchor then passes the story to a reporter who, in a serious tone, talks about desperate women that use online dating and get rejected. It includes interviews with “online daters”.

To see the full video, click here.