LavaLife Holding “Ladies Night” Tonight

(Online Dating News Blog) LavaLife is holding a “Ladies Night” event tonight from 6pm to midnight which allows all ladies on LavaLife to use the entire service for free. This includes emailing, instant messaging, everything. LavaLife sent notices to all of its members about the event. To guys, the notice read, “Tired of Making the First Move? We’re giving ladies free communication tonight”.

LavaLife, based in Canada, has become a major worldwide online dating service and in the past two years has used creativity to help boost business. The service now hosts online speed dating events for members and holds contests to help keep profiles updated and active on the service.

Ladies who sign up before tonight will be able to participate in the free communication event. Because of LavaLife’s “Reply for Free” policy, and men getting messages from a lady will be allowed to respond for free. You can click here to sign up for LavaLife.

eHarmony Expands Free Communication Weekend by Two Days

(Online Dating News Blog) In an unprecedented move, online relationship service eHarmony has expanded its eHarmony Free Communication Weekend event by two days. Instead of ending yesterday as scheduled, eHarmony sent out a notice to its members that the free communication event wouldn’t conclude until the end of day on Tuesday, October 27. This is the first time eHarmony has ever expanded its free communication weekend event. In the letter to members, they said, in part:

“Now through Tuesday night you can communicate with all of your matches for free!

For the last 5 days (Wed. – Sun.) millions of members have had the opportunity to communicate with their eHarmony matches for free! The event has been such a success that we’ve decided to extend it for another two days; through Tuesday night.

No credit card required and no strings attached. Simply sign in and join the millions of people who can communicate for free and experience the excitement of eHarmony.”

To sign up for eHarmony, click here.

New eHarmony Free Communication Weekend for October Begins

(Online Dating News Blog) A new eHarmony Free Communication Weekend is now underway.

From now through October 25, 2009, those who sign up for eHarmony will be able to communicate with their matches for free. Signing up during eHarmony Free Communication Weekend also doesn’t require a credit card.

To sign up, click here. Free Weekend Starts Today

(Online Dating News Blog) Online Relationship Service is offering a free communication weekend (Oct 16 – 18, 2009) event this weekend where those who sign up can communicate with their matches for free. is the sister site of But whereas is an online dating service focusing on dating, is a relationship service aimed at people who are more serious about finding a relationship.

New eHarmony Free Communication Weekend Begins for September 2009

(Online Dating News Blog) A new eHarmony free communication weekend started today, September 4 and will run through Monday, September 7, 2009. During the eHarmony Free Communication Weekend, members who have not paid for a subscription are allowed to communicate for free. eHarmony has offered this service periodically for several years.

To participate:

1) Sign up for eHarmony.

2) From September 4 through September 7 you will be allowed to communicate for free.

3) If after the free communication weekend you would like to become a paying member, then save money by using the eHarmony Promotion Codes listed at Online Dating Magazine. Free Communication Weekend Begins for July 2009

(Online Dating News Blog) is running a free communication event this weekend where all members, paying and non-paying, will be able to communicate with each other for free.  The Chemistry free communication weekend will run from July 17 through July 19.


New eHarmony Free Communication Weekend Begins

(Online Dating News Blog) A new eHarmony free communication weekend began today, Friday, May 22 and will continue through Monday, May 25.  During free communication weekend, people who sign up for eHarmony are allowed to communicate with all their matches for free.  It’s like getting a free glimpse at what a paid membership is all about.

To participate:

1) Sign up for an account at eHarmony.
2) Until May 25 communicate with any or all of your matches for free!
3) If you decide to sign up for an account after the free communication weekend ends, be sure to use an eHarmony Promotion Code to save money. Free Communication Weekend

(Online Dating News Blog) This weekend, online relationship service is offering a free communication weekend to all of its users. The free communication weekend will allow new and current users to communicate without paying.

The concept of free communication weekends was made popular by several years ago. During such events, relationship services see their normal subscription growth at least triple. is owned by and was formed to compete against eHarmony in the online relationship services category. Onilne relationship services differ from online dating services in that they are focused more on marriage-minded singles. Sites like focus on casual dating.

Person’s Financial Standing No Longer Important to Online Daters

(Online Dating News Blog) Unemployed singles living with their parents now have reason to rejoice as a new survey finds that the majority of online daters would date someone who is unemployed and living with their parents.

Social networking site Zoosk conducted a study of more than 1,000 singles and found that 78% of singles would date someone who doesn’t have a job. In addition, 80% of singles would go out with someone who was unemployed.

The study also found that the majority of singles believe you can have fun on a date without spending any money.

During the recession, the online dating marketplace has grown and attitudes of online daters have started to shift as the economic situation hits home.

eHarmony and PerfectMatch Doing Free Communication Weekends Starting Now

(Online Dating News Blog) Both eHarmony and PerfectMatch are holding free communication weekend events where users can communicate for free. Both events started today, Friday February 12 and will go through Monday, February 16. In order to participate, you need to become a member of either (or both) service then you’ll be able to communicate with members from that service at no cost through the weekend. If you do decide to sign up, we’ve added links below. And if after the free weekend you decide to become a paying member, we’ve linked to some promo codes to save you money.

> Sign up for eHarmony.

> Sign up for PerfectMatch.

> View eHarmony Promotion Codes.

> View PerfectMatch Promotion Codes.