Staying Out of the Friend Zone (OnDating Video Show)

(OnDating) OnDating is a Dating Video Show that provides advice to daters on everything from improving your dateability to navigating the world of online dating. This episode talks about the “Friend Zone”. It’s that zone that some people get stuck in that doesn’t allow them to pursue a romantic relationship with a potentially great partner.

Host Andrea Syrtash provides some valuable advice to keep out of “the friend zone” while keeping your options open. This is OnDating….

Quick Look at Top 3 Online Dating Services

(Online Dating News Blog) In this video, Life and Dating coach Donna Barnes takes a look at the top 3 online dating services. Those would be, eHarmony, and Yahoo Personals. Unlike and Yahoo Personals, is a relationship service that provides you with matches based on an hour-long personality test you take when signing up. The difference between and online dating service (i.e. Match, Yahoo Personals) and a relationship service (i.e. eHarmony, is that relationship services are for people more serious about getting into a relationship. Relationship services use compatibility and personality tests in order to match you with people that it believed would be a good long-term relationship partner. Here’s Donna Barnes:

What Online Daters Look for – Internet Dating Tips

(Online Dating News Blog) The following video outlines what online daters are looking for when doing online dating. Not surprisingly, both men and women take a different approach when it comes to online dating. In this interview, Stefan Springman, host of VH1’s Can’t Get A Date, shares some Internet dating tips. If you know what the opposite sex is looking for when it comes to your online dating profile then you can make appropriate adjustments to improve your profile…

Internet Dating Tips – Short Film

(Online Dating News Blog) This is a very cleverly put together Internet dating tips video that is disguised as a short film. A woman goes on a date with a guy and he is snotty to the waitress, talks about his ex, and doesn’t want to pay for the whole dinner check. So the girl decides to become an Internet dating expert and starts doing a series of seminars providing Internet dating tips for men.

Don’t Lie in Your Online Dating Profile

(Online Dating News Blog) The number of people telling lies in their online dating profiles is astounding – more than 50% according to one survey. Most of the lies revolve around weight, height, and photos. Many people are posting photos that are a year or more old and they show up on their date looking nothing like their photo. Here’s how one guy relates his experience on

When a person lies in their online dating profile, they may lie about other things too.  When you go on a date do you like to do so under false pretenses? Of course not! But that’s exactly what is happening in the industry right now and stopping the problem starts with everyone reading this message.

1) Never post a photo more than three months old.

2) Never lie about your weight.

3) Never lie about your height.

Be honest in everything you say and show in your profile. And when you go on a first date, don’t drastically change your appearance (i.e. getting your hair colored or restyled). In fact, since the photos you post shouldn’t be more than a few months old, you should go on a date in one of the outfits shown in your profile photos.  Success in online dating begins with removing any old photos or little white lies from your profile so that the person you are going on a date with is who they expected.

Online Photo Tips #4 – Striking a Pose

(Online Dating News Blog) When having a picture taken of you, don’t be in the center of the frame. Instead, apply the rule of thirds as Carson Kressley explains in this photo tips video:

Online Photo Tips #3 – What to Wear

(Online Dating News Blog) Knowing what to wear to have your online dating profile picture taken is very important. In this episode, Carson Kressley shares tips on how to look your best by the clothese you select.

Online Photo Tips #2 – Picture Tips

(Online  Dating News Blog) In this episode, Carson Kressley shares tips on creating a better picture of you using things like depth of field. Using some of these tips can greatly enhance your online photos.

Online Photo Tips #1 – Carson Kressley

(Online Dating News Blog) Here is part one of some online photo tips by Carson Kressley who you may remember from the popular TV show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”.