Should I Mention My Kids in My Online Dating Profile?

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Question: In my online dating profile should I mention or talk about my kids?
When you fill out the questionnaire on an online dating site, one of the questions asked is “do you have kids?” You should answer this with a Yes (if you do). Outside of that, you should not mention your kids at all and definitely do not post any pictures of them. Read Online Dating Magazine’s Warning to Single Parents for more information as to why.

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  1. As suggested in the article, I guess it would be a safe bet to avoid such personal information in your dating profile (if you are a female). You can share your personal information and introduce your kids to the dating counterpart only after you have established a good relationship and know the person (counterpart) is reliable.

  2. I agree that I would select the “I have kids” option, but I wouldn’t offer up any information about them. I make a rule of not putting information online about them period and definitely no pictures, it’s just not safe.

  3. If the person doesn’t state they have kids on their profile and I later find out they have kids it would be a HUGE red flag to me. I would consider the person dishonest and someone who doesn’t feel their children is an important part of their life.

  4. I think kids are a pretty big decision factor for a girl looking at my profile so I check the box that I have kids and then mention them in my profile, too (not by name or picture of course). I have two kids that I have 50% of time, so a serious partner would need to accept that.

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