Is a Post It Note an Acceptable Way to Break Up?

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Question: Is a Post It Note an Acceptable Way of Breaking Up?
Absolutely not. We’re a bit curious as to if you’re asking this because you’re going to break up with someone or because someone broke up with you via a post-it note. Either way, the answer remains the same… breaking up via a post-it note is cowardly and does nothing to improve the character of the person doing it.

Breaking up is a difficult process. Many people want to avoid the “conflict” or “drama” that goes with it. Thus many times the person breaking up might look for the least direct way to do it (text message, email, etc.). Avoiding direct contact does a couple of things:

1) Teaches you to take the “easy road out”.

2) Lessens the value you place on others.

The right way to break up is in person or, if necessary , on the phone. It’s important to break up this way because you need to allow the person you’re breaking up with to get some type of closure. A post-it note, text message, or email doesn’t allow for closure or the ability to “vent”.  Also, breaking up this way allows the person doing the break up to grow because of the value they place on the other person, even when saying goodbye.

Here is a good breakup article you should read:

> Dealing with a Break Up

Remember, how you treat another person in a break up defines the type of person you are.

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  1. Oh, that would be a horrible way to break up with someone. Unless you had a very good reason to want to break up with someone in a post it note, I think that this would be a huge slap in the face to that person!

  2. If someone ever dumped me via post it note it would tick me off but in the end I would consider myself lucky — after something like that I would never even remotely consider getting back together with the person and that makes it much easier to move on.

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