What is St. Dwynwen’s Day?

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Question: What is St. Dwynwen’s Day and when is St. Dwynwen’s Day?
St Dwynwen’s Day occurs every January 25. It is the equivalent of Valentine’s Day for the Welsh. However, St. Dwynwen’s Day has been growing in popularity recently and has grown beyond the Welsh community.

St. Dwynwen’s Day came about roughly from the following story:

Dwynwen was the lovely daughter of a 5th century king, Brychan Brycheneiniog. She fell in love with a prince named Maelon, but had already been pledged to another. Maelon, in a fit of rage over not being able to marry Dwynwen, had relations with her against her will then left her. Dwynwen was so distraught and depressed over the series of events that she prayed that God would erase her momory of Maelon. As she drifted to sleep, an angel visited her and gave her a potion to forget Maelon forever. But it also caused Maelon to be frozen. The angel also granted her three wishes. Those wishes were:

1) She wished to never marry anyone.

2) She wished to become the patron saint of lovers where she could console lovers suffering in pain.

3) She wished for Maelon to be unfrozen.

All three wishes were granted and Dwynwen spent her days serving God and consoling lovers as the Welsh Saint of Love. Now, every January 25, people in Wales get together to celebrate love and St. Dwynwen. The day is referred to as Dydd Santes Dwynwen (translated – Day of Saint Dwynwen).

For more information on this, read Nicole Roberge’s column on Saint Dwynwen’s Day.

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  1. Wow , If I am totally honest I had never heard of this special day. But its always great to learn something new thanks for taking the time to answer this.

    The Welsh are lucky having the chance to celebrate love twice a year !

  2. Me too, never heard about this celebration before. But after reading your post I tried to find more information in Google and found another interesting info. It seems there are 3 different stories related to this event (check wikipedia).

  3. I have never heard of this day either. Better than that, I can’t figure out how one would go about pronouncing it!I am going to go Google it as well.

  4. Interesting factoid. I guess every culture has some sort of love day celebration. Hope you find others to post about.

  5. I google it and there really is such a day … LOL I have never heard of it. It`s sad that I have to wait almost a year to celebrate it, but I bet that my girlfriend would be surprised when I give her a present for a holiday that she had never heard about 🙂

  6. You are telling us a very interesting story here in this article – i’ve never heard of it before.
    At the near past someone told me about this day, but i haven’t paid much attention and i forgot about it. Anyway i had no idea what it was about until now.
    The more holidays to celebrate – the better!

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