St. Dwynwen and Saint Dwynwen’s Day

(Online Dating Industry Journal) Online Dating Magazine columnist Nicole Roberge (Dating Triumphs and Tragedies) has published a fascinating column about the Welsh Patron Saint of Lovers – St. Dwynwen. Every January 25 is Saint Dwynwen Day. From the column:

She was a 5th century Welsh Princess who was set to wed the prince Maelon.  But Dwynwen no longer wanted to be with him—some say it is because she was promised to another man, others that it is because she wanted to follow a religious life, and one story says that is was because Maelon became too forceful with her.”

The column goes on to describe how she fled to the woods and prayed for freedom from Maelon. In a “dream” she was given a drink that saved her from Maelon’s advances and affections. But when Maelon was given the same drink, he became frozen. She then prayed for three things.

From the column:

1) that Maelon be unfrozen, 2) that she should never marry, and 3) that God should answer the requests she makes on behalf of lovers, so that they can either find love and happiness, or be cured of heartache and unanswered love.  Her wishes were granted...”

To read the entire article, click here.

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