Roses for my Online Date

(Online Dating News Blog) Ann and Jeff met on an online dating service and after a few dates together it looked like true love could be in the making. Only three weeks after first meeting in person, Ann’s 24th birthday arrived and Jeff (28 years old) wanted to do something that would impress her and deepen their growing relationship.

So the day before Ann’s birthday, Jeff went to the store and purchased a birthday card. He wrote in it, “Dear Ann, Happy birthday! I have included for you one red rose for every year of your life.”

Jeff sealed the card then went to the florist. He ordered two dozen red roses (24 total) to be delivered to his date’s work the next day. He also gave the florist the card and asked that it be included. Jeff then generously tipped the florist $20 for her help.

The next day as the florist was putting together the two dozen roses, she remembered the $20 tip and as a nice gesture decided to include an extra dozen roses. She then included the card and delivered it as scheduled.

After months of not knowing why Ann never returned his phone calls or emails, Jeff has finally returned to the online dating world.

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  1. I never had any success on online dating, duno, just never thought it would work heh

  2. For such a diligent florist, she was a retard! Had she bothered to read the card, she would have simply appreciated his nice gesture and pocketed the $20. Instead, she ruined a potential relationship. On the other hand, Ann seems a little huffy to never call Jeff back. Surely she had to realize he didnt think she was 36. Miscommunication sucks!

  3. Oh my gosh the poor guy… It seems for many women in the office getting roses is a red flag. I remember receiving roses for no particular reason from a guy I was dating and a few of the girls said he must be in the dog house. I thought it particular that they associated a kind gift with, “he must have done something wrong.”

  4. this is absolutely hilarious! You would think that she would have realized the mistake though. Still funny!

  5. Typical luck eh! Still I expect they would have died by the time she reached 36.

    Nice story made me smile..

  6. People should know each other very good to choose the proper birthday present. General rule is: woman would like to be more explicit about what she wants to avoid unpleasant surprises and man would like to listen carefully and to meet her wishes.

  7. Well, I really feel sorry for Jeff. He should’ve presented the birthday card and the roses by himself instead of giving it through the florist. Such types of incidents happen because of sheer miscommunication.

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