Is it OK to break up via email?

17% of Americans think it is OK to break up via email, according to a poll conducted for the TV game show, Power of 10, which premiered tonight on CBS.

A male and female contestant were competing against each other to see which could come closest and win the round as a result. The Power of 10 host, Drew Carey, posed the question:

“What percentage of American’s think it’s acceptable to break up with someone via email?”

The male contestant answered 11% and the female contestant answered 19%. The answer was 17%, giving the victory for the round to the female who was only 2 percentage points off.

Joe’s Comments
This is a great question to research because time and time again, I hear from people who had someone break up with them via email or even a text message via cell phone! This is unacceptable behaviour. Always break up face to face. And be sure to read our recent post on breaking up.

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  1. I will never use email to do this kind of thing since it’s not clear to show our feelings. And we should give an oppotunity to our lover(at least we loved each others previously) to share his/her ideas. We will never tolerate misunderstandings, so face to face talk is the best.

  2. Breaking up is never easy, in person, over the phone, by mail, leaving a msg or via email. It all depend of the reason why? and the personality of the person that wants to brake up. The easy way out is by mutual agreement, where each person knows that things are not working out and is better to end the relationship.
    At the end in my opinion is all about his/her personality and the resend why?

  3. I think breaking up by email is a bit cowardly although I can understand how frightening it might be in some situations. It seems more and more young people are resorting to breaking up via email or text messaging. My own daughter has done it twice.

  4. My boyfriend of FIVE YEARS broke up with me via a 3 line email. Totally unexpected. Talk about adding insult to injury! It may be okay to do the text/email thing with someone who is a casual fling but it is nothing but a cowardly, insulting, thoughtless slap in the face in any other situation. I can only hope someone dumps him via text someday and keeps it to 6 words or less.

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