Don’t Date Him Girl Slammed as Hate Site

The O’Reilly Factor on Wednesday labeled reputation management service Don’t Date Him Girl as a hate site. Don’t Date Him Girl allows women to post names, pictures, and personal information of men they’ve dated along with narrative on how bad that person is. Many women are allowed to sign their posts anonymously while making unproven accusations against men they name. The controversial service has been around a few years and has faced at least one lawsuit from a man posted to the service.

To open the segment, O’Reilly said:

“As we’ve been telling you, there and hundreds – maybe thousands – of hate Websites available for your perusal. One of them is called Don’t Date Him Girl…”

For the segment, host Bill O’Reilly interviewed Mary Katharine Ham, editor of Ham said the following in the show:

“This is a really pretty nasty Website where women who are upset with their ex’s, as women often are, go on and say pretty nasty things about them – allegations which largely cannot be proven, but are out there in print and these guys have to suffer from the fact that they are out there…”

In the same segment, two more sites were called out, including one called Fire in the Hole where teens film things like going to drive-thru, ordering a drink, then throwing the drink at the employee and speeding off. In addition, another site was chastised for allowing men and women to “create an alibi” so that they can get assistance lying about a business trip, etc. in order to have an affair without getting caught.

In regards to Don’t Date Him Girl, both Online Dating Magazine and the Online Dating Industry Journal have written about this site. You can read the following articles:

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Joe’s Comments
I understand what Don’t Date Him Girl is trying to do, but they don’t hold the accusers accountable and let them say whatever they want (this guy has AIDS, herpes, etc.) without providing any proof. The site then publishes that info with the guy’s real name, city, picture, etc.. So if one of these men applies for a job and the place of employment does a Google search, it’s possible for them to easily find the information posted to Don’t Date Him Girl.

Whether the service targets men or whether it targets women, it is just wrong, in my opinion. I’ve received several emails from men who have been wronged by them and want to know what they can do about it. The short answer is “nothing”. The service protects the “anonymous” posters and does nothing to verify any information published.

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  1. I have never looked at this from that point of view, thanks for that.

  2. I thought I would write about the dating site Dont Date Him Girl. I am not a young girl who was venting when I posted a boyfriend on the site. I was dating someone who I thought was also mature at 50 years old: A profession who is VP of his company’s IT dept. Basically he lied. He was not divorced. He had a longtime girl friend of 7 years. The shocker is that I found his profiles on gay men’s site. I asked him about it but he never spoke to me or saw me again. This was someone I love and I was devasted. His attorney and sister tried to remove my posting on Dont Date Him and close a separte blog, but I am procted under the First Amendment. I used the electronic journal to channel my anger so that I could go on. It just shows; even with one foot in the grave (he had two heart attacks within two years), this guy was very deceitful.

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