eHarmony Free Communication this Weekend

This coming weekend, August 31 – September 3, eHarmony is allowing members to communicate for free. A few times a year, over a holiday weekend, eHarmony offers this special free communication weekend event, which promotes the service, while giving non-paying members the chance to experience many of the features paid users receive.

eHarmony is an online dating relationship service with more than 17 million members. At least 33,000 of their members marry every year, according to research firm Harris Interactive.

In order to participate in the free communication weekend, you need to sign-up with eHarmony.

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  1. Very interesting info! 33000 out of 17 million. That means that if you are a member there is a 0.5% of getting married within a year. Not heart warming at all!

  2. I absolutely, under no circumstances can access the eHarmony webpage. Is there any reason this happens, it’s the only site online I can’t access, i just think it’s so strange.

  3. Are you go for online dating you need to read this tips that is more help full 4 u

    1.Be honest. Like what is always advised to many others who engaged in Online Dating, it is always best to be honest with everything you put into to your profile. From the photo you upload to the details on your profile, if you are serious in finding romance, Be Honest.

    2.Be careful with whom you give out your personal details to. There are a lot of internet creeps so make sure you know the person well before you jump into conclusion of giving out your numbers and addresses. You don’t to be a victim, do you?

    3.Always remember that nobody’s perfect. The person you are chatting at the other end may sound so perfect for you but don’t expect too much from that person. No one was made perfect so if your potential online boyfriend lacks something you want, don’t despair. You yourself aren’t perfect.

  4. I paid EHarmony a lot of money. I got lots of out-of-state matches. I finally got to correspond with someone locally. We were about to set up an actual meeting when my account was suddenly cancelled for no reason. I have not received any response to my emails. Is Eharmony just another Internet scam? I searched for complaints and found many thousands saying the same thing.
    I am finding it more and more difficult to believe any advertisement about anything.

  5. I have had a profile on eharmony for a while now and try to talk to people on the “free communication” weekends and I cant get through. Every time I try to send a communication it sends me to where I have to pay??? So if I cant try it out free I wont sign on for a year!!!

  6. Yea! I took a chance and tried out the “free Weekend” and when I tried to send an e-mail I was directed to a page where my “free Weekend” was now a 1 month free if I paid for 3 months. There were only 9 matches for me in the world. I am I weird or what-or does E-Harmony just want the money?????
    Another advertising scam, money grabbing online company!

  7. I tried on another so-called free (valentine’s) weekend to join and contact my matches. I too got a message saying that email was only available to members and then directed to the page where you can purchase membership. I guess a lot of people fall for this trap because by the time you have completed your profile you have already invested a lot of time. I believe this system may work better than other dating websites IF they actually do match their clients based on compatability but I too have become cynical. Free my ass….

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