Explores Free Online Dating Through New Service

(Online Dating News Blog) Online dating service and its parent company IAC are venturing into the world of free online dating through the launch of a new Website, Down To Earth (

According to an article that appeared in the Online Dating Newsletter,

“…Unlike most free online dating services, which look cluttered, DownToEarth has an elegant and clean design with a focus on making free online dating more “safe” and “honest”. They do this through a system called “RealRatings” which allows you to post generic details about your dates and whether the person was honest in his/her profile (i.e. age, photo, etc.)…”

Companies that can succeed in free online dating, like Plenty Of Fish and OKcupid are finding the market very lucrative by serving ads to tens of thousands of people on a daily basis., like which was also launched by IAC and, uses its own database of users/members.

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  1. Should be exciting to see how the service does. I’ve always liked the free online dating sites as it allows people to try them out before determining whether to invest on a membership with a more premium dating site or not.


  2. Any free site is great in theory but I’ve found you get into a site what you put into it in time and dollars. If people are paying they are a little more serious. If you ain’t serious though go for ’em all!

  3. You could start your own online dating website like You need to find good dating software. If you are searching, be sure to research each company that provides dating software. There are scammers out there waiting to take your money.


  4. It was about this same time that the owner of Plentyoffish said he wanted to start a paid dating site to compete with This is funny how they both have made millions and will go in opposite directions to make even more millions.


  5. For me it’s not just the free aspect but the fact that people can post information about their date etc. It should make for a more honest dating experience.

    You’d have no idea how many times I have heard from people who have met someone who looked *nothing* like their picture or clearly had a 20 year old photo on a site!

    I hope it works!


  6. Yea, but it’s still the same old stuff… same paradigm of database dating. We have been working on a new vision for how people can meet online at Check it out, and like downtoearth it’s free.

  7. I guess verifying a member’s application/ profile by the Dating site’s staff is limited to some extent. The concept of ratings by the site users would serve as a testimony to others.

  8. Down to earth won’t work..they don’t understand the concept of free dating. POF works for several reasons, mainly being that they were first on the scene and his sight is great. Marcus Frinde is genious.

  9. This seems interesting, i am actually just starting to get into the online dating “scene” and this seems just like what i need. I was also looking for one that could offer a free online dating solution that doesn’t require any investment.

    Thanks for this, i’ll check it out.

  10. That system “RealRatings” can work in both ways. The first one is to prevent lies, but there is second one that may get you in a bigger lie. For example, the people that already went on a real date with the user can post info that says the pictures are not actual or something like that. But that user can have friends and they can lie about being on a date and it was great and stuff like that. That is also lie that can give more rating to the user 😉

  11. @Asti
    I am sure that there would be an easy way to prevent things like saying bad things at someone’s profile which are not true and were only said to ruin someone’s reputation. Probably “bad reputation” comments will be viewed by a moderator first for example. Anyway i think that this is a good and inovative thing in online dating sites.

  12. I am not much impressed with downtoearth model. I am still into free but easy to use dating sites and Can’t say what it is about them, but they sound more personable.

  13. It’s about time Match got with the times. Or should I say it’s about time they put down their checkbooks and got innovative…finally.

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