Microsoft Eyeing Online Dating Marketplace

(Online Dating News Blog) A patent filed by Microsoft shows that the company is interested in getting into the online dating service industry. The patent outlines plans for a photo-based online dating services where matches are created by looks. The way it works is that a person uploads a picture of a man or woman that he/she finds attractive. Microsoft’s system then finds matches based on facial elements from the photo. In addition, the system will allow people to view a photograph and rate various aspects of it like the persons hair, nose, mouth, and face dimensions. The ratings are then used to help identify matches based on the users look preferences.

From the patent:

“The image-based search eases the challenge of textually describing physical attributes. The search includes comparing a query image provided by the user to a plurality of stored images of faces stored in a stored image database, and determining a similarity of the query image to the plurality of stored images. One or more resultant images of faces, selected from among the stored images, are displayed to the user based on the determined similarity of the stored images to the query image. The resultant images are displayed based at least in part on one or more facial features.”

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