More Than 29,000 Sex Offenders on MySpace

On Saturday, the Online Dating News Blog published a warning from Online Dating Magazine about sex offenders that target parents on online dating services. Now, three days later, comes news that MySpace has found more than 29,000 registered sex offenders in its database.

Attorney Generals from several states had been pressing MySpace to release official numbers. Back in May, MySpace had said it purged 7,000 profiles from registered sex offenders. Now they say the number of sex offenders on their service tops 29,000.

Several days ago, Online Dating Magazine issued a warning to single parents about the dangers of sex offenders who use online dating services to target children. This comes after a sex offender was caught communicating on with someone he thought was a mother with two children. It was a sting operation organized by an children’s advocacy group who had received tips about the sex offender. 

Joe’s Comments
This number – 29,000 – is stunning, particularly when you see the number of teens and children that use the service. This should serve as a wake up call to parents and communities. Also, since putting out our warning, I’ve been surprised that no media have contacted us (a rarity) for a story. This is an issue that the media should be warning the public about so that they may be more aware of what to do.

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  1. There are sexual predators and sex offenders everywhere, it only makes logical sense that they would be on the internet social networking sites too. You need to be careful of everyone you meet, no matter where you meet them. The guy you bumped into at the coffee shop may be a rapist.

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