Number of “Sugar Daddy” Dating Services Growing

The number of “Sugar Daddy” dating services, where rich men seek younger beautiful women (or younger women seek rich men), is growing as the niche sees a boom in popularity.

Here are just a few, out of nearly two dozen, of the “Sugar Daddy” type services:

Millionaire Match
Wealthy Men
Seeking Arrangement
Sugar Daddy for Me
Sugar Daddy Babes

Brandon Wade is the founder of Seeking Arrangements and he recently told the Globe and Mail that it doesn’t make him a virtual pimp. Here’s the quote from the article:

Mr. Wade insists that accommodating these partnerships does not make him a virtual pimp. “In prostitution, you exchange money for sex,” he says. “In an arrangement, sex is not always involved or does not come into play until much later. This involves a component of romancing.”

Joe’s Comments
With the types of niche online dating services reaching a platue, we are now seeing a lot of duplicate niche services, particularly in the more successful areas like Sugar Daddy dating or people seeking millionaires. On average, we see three new online dating services opening up every day and more and more of those services are targetting niche markets whereas three years ago, most were generic online dating services.

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  1. I have seen the many banner ads promoting these types of sites but do women really believe that the men on those sites are really loaded and don’t have women beating down their door in real life? I bet most of the men on those sites are wannabes.

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