Dating in the Dark Ratings Take a Nosedive

(Online Dating News Blog) The ratings for the reality TV series Dating in the Dark took a nosedive in the show’s third week and it’s first week without “The Bachelorette” as a lead in. In it’s first two weeks, Dating in the Dark had more than 6 million viewers. However, this past Monday, August 3, the show could only manage 3.6 million, coming close to losing half of its audience. The validity of the “social experiment” is also being brought into question with continuing revelations that several people appearing on the show as singles have an acting background, including Seth and Sasha.

Dating in the Dark is a six week series that features singles getting to know each other in a darkroom for four days, then having to decide if they want to continue the relationship they were building once the looks of the person they were seeing are revealed. If ratings continue downhill, it is likely that the show will not be renewed for another season next summer.

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  1. It seemed like a pretty silly show to me. I had no interest in watching people chat in the dark. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of all this silly, romatic reality tv. However, my girlfriend is. Perhaps I need a lady who is more into sports.

  2. Good luck UstillUp, when you find her let me know if she has a sister.

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