Sheila’s Dating Adventure – Flirt Alert

(Online Dating Newsletter) This episode of Sheila’s Dating Adventure is titled, “Flirt Alert” and deals with Sheila Dolan (one of the five Satellite Sisters) going shopping for lipstick. Consulting a professional, the steps are laid out for creating the perfect lips for women. Sheila ends up with red lipstick that includes a primer, foundation, and liner. Here’s the video…

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  1. As a personal stylist for Look Good Now,I think the red lips look fantastic! Yes, red lips are sexy and attractive. But ladies, you’ll want to be sure to wear the right shade of red for your skin color. If you have warm coloring (golden undertones), reds that have a touch of orange in them will compliment your skin tone and look good on you. If your skin has cool coloring, (rosy undertones), wear dark pink shades, and if your cool coloring is more of a blueish tone, wear reds that have blue in them; more of a magenta color, or darker pinks will work, too. But keep the shades bright, especially for the summer. And line the lips for a fuller, younger look.

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