Dating in the Dark – Episode 5 Recap

(Online Dating News Blog) This recap is of the second to last episode of Dating in the Dark (Episode #5 of 6). For those not aware, Dating in the Dark is a reality dating TV experiment to see if people who build relationships in the dark (without seeing each other) can sustain those relationships once it is revealed what they looked like. To date, this test has proven that attraction is still vital to most people in spite of how well they connect with someone they can’t see. Some people are shallow, some are honest, and some are stand-out individuals. What will this week bring?…

Dating in the Dark Recap and Review
Episode #5

The Singles:

Dion(Photographer) — Age 37
Leo (Graphic Designer) — Age 26
Malek (Teacher & Musician) — Age 29

Lisa (Designer) — Age 39
Tanya (Executive Assistant) — Age 24
Tawny (Bartender) — Age 29

This second to last episode of season one began (after introductions) with a group date in the dark room. As far as impressions go, the ladies were impressed with Malek because he’s into music and also a teacher of French, Italian, and Arabic languages. Dion wasn’t impressed with Tawny because he found her to be “too boisterous” and felt their personalities would completely clash.

After the first commercial break, the ladies are allowed to go through the cars the men came in and the men are allowed to go through the cars the women came in so that they could learn more about the personalities of each person. The most embarrassing was Malek’s car because in the dark room he had professed himself as a “romantic” to the group but in the cup holder of his car was a box of condoms.

Dion’s car was very clean and organized.

Leo’s car had been in an accident and he had night vision goggles in his car. In addition, he had a very strange contraption that straps onto your body and looks like something from the movie Ghost Busters.

For the ladies, Lisa’s car showed a sense of organization and responsibility which impressed Dion in particular.

Tanya’s car had a lot of music and some of her personal journals that she would write in.

Tawny had a nice sports car, long boots, and cigarettes in her car. Leo was most impressed with her car.

Now come the first dates. Each selected as follows:

Lisa and Dion picked each other. Their date was great as they talked about traveling and other things they had in common. Both felt a good connection.

Malek selected Tanya. Tanya immediately asked Malek about the condoms in his cup holder. He didn’t have an explanation except to say, “at least you know I’m safe”.

Leo also selected Tanya. Tanya found him to be too forward as immediately he started talking about and hinting at kissing each other, which was a turnoff to her.

Tawny selected Leo. Both of them hit it off as they did a slow dance with each other and started feeling a connection.

Next came the compatibility results and none of the singles were happy with the results (a first). Here were the matches along with how strong the perceived compatibility was:

Tawny/Dion (65%)
Lisa/Malek (63%)
Tanya/Leo (69%)

The rules of Dating in the Dark specify that couples must date who they are matched with except during the “free time” in which they can select whoever they want. All the compatibility dates were a complete disaster and none of the couples liked each other. No one could wait for free time to get together with who they liked. And that would be…

They got really close during their date, talking about family and how both of their father’s died of cancer when they were kids. They made a strong connection.

Tawny is a very boisterous and in your face person and likes the same. She found Leo to be “too quiet”. However, Leo thought the date went great and really liked Tawny.

Both really hit it off and Tanya was finding herself more and more attracted to Malek, particularly because of his cultural background and knowledge.

For the second straight week, the show brought back the sketch artist so that each person could sketch what they thought the person they liked looked like. As usual, the sketches were funny to look at, particularly Leo’s rendition of Tawny where he had her wearing a tiny party hat on her head that said “party time” with confetti coming out of it.

Tanya was concerned about the sketch Malek had done of her because it made her look exotic and thin. She is neither.

Dion was very impressed with how much the sketch Lisa had done of him looked like him. The sketch Dion had done of Lisa made her look like a hippie.

Now came the reveals.

Leo was anxious to see Tawny, but she was a no show. She decided to leave the house and not continue anymore. So Leo was taken in the dark room and shown a blank wall for the reveal.

Dion was blown away by Lisa’s looks. Lisa also liked Dion’s looks but wasn’t “blown away”.

Tanya said that Malek would have to look hideously ugly for her not to continue pursuing a relationship with him. In the reveal, both found something not to be impressed about with the other. Malek wasn’t impressed with Tanya’s body type and Tanya wasn’t impressed with Malek’s receding hairline and his overall look.

In the End:

> Tanya (who had said that Malek would have to be hideously ugly for her not to pursue a relationship) ended up leaving Malek standing on the balcony as she rejected him, walking out the front door instead.

> With Tawny already gone, there was nothing left for Leo.

> Dion waited on the balcony for Lisa and was ecstatic when she showed up on the balcony with him. He was really attracted to her and she described him as her “perfect match”. They drove off together.

What we Learned:

> It’s still the women rejecting the men and not vice-versa. There has to be some psychology regarding this because it is overwhelming this entire season. Out of the first five episodes a guy has only rejected a girl on the balcony once. That’s it.

> Compatibility tests don’t always work. In this episode they failed miserably.

> Interestingly enough, ABC stopped saying (as of this episode), “for updates on the couples go to…” where they weren’t giving updates, but were generating a lot of complaints. ABC’s lack of updates on the couples in the show is disturbing.

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