Dating in the Dark – Sasha’s Acting Background

(Online Dating News Blog) The Online Dating News Blog has uncovered yet another actress appearing on the so called “reality TV” show, Dating in the Dark. Two week’s ago we exposed Seth, from episode 1, as being an actor. Now we’ve discovered that Sasha from episode #3 has appeared on TV several times in shows, as a reporter, and as a guest star.

Dating in the Dark is being questioned for how “real” it actually is when it is using several people with acting backgrounds to portray everyday Americans looking for love. In week #1 it was Seth. In week #2 it was Chrystee, and in week #3 it was Sasha. And those are only the ones we have learned about.

In the third episode of Dating in the Dark, Sasha initially wasn’t identified with an occupation. Later, the show listed her as being a “writer”. Yet they didn’t list that she is also an actress. Her full name is Sasha Perl-Raver. She’s appeared on several TV shows and is currently a correspondent for the Fox News Channel “Lips and Ears”. In 1999, she was named Miss San Francisco. Because of her chef experience (something not talked about on the show), she has been featured on the Food Network and Bravo. She’s done quite a bit of work for Hollywood actors, actresses, and insiders.

In it’s first two weeks, Dating in the Dark easily won its time slot among 18-49 year olds. But in week three, the show took a nose dive, coming in a distant three among the three top networks. The third week featured three ladies, including Sasha, all vying for the affection of one guy, Chris. But in the end when Chris was revealed, all three rejected hm. They only liked him in the dark.

Sasha Per-Raver, as it turns out, is a talented writer penning for many Web venues, including her own site called Gossip Sauce.

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