Dating in the Dark Episode #2 Recap

(Online Dating News Blog) Dating in the Dark is a six-episode reality TV series to see what happens when people get to know each other based on personality and not on looks then if any connection between couples can continue when the looks are revealed.

Dating in the Dark Recap and Review
Episode #2

The Singles:

Jason (Marketing Consultant) — Age 31
Matt (Land Developing Consultant) — Age 28
Doug (Pitching Coach for St. Louis Cardinals Organization) — Age 31

Megan (Aspiring Sommelier in Wine School) — Age 31
Lindsey (Operations Manager) — Age 26
Chrystee (Actress) — Age 32

Episode #2 of Dating in the Dark started off like the previous week, with the three guys and three girls meeting in the dark room where they couldn’t see each other. When the girls entered, the guys remained quiet so that the girls wouldn’t know they were there then they let out a yell, effectively scaring the girls.

After the first initial meeting (no major revelations), the girls are taken to the guys room and allowed to go through their luggage and the guys are taken to the girls room and allowed to go through their luggage. While going through Chrystee’s stuff, the guys come across a Bible, making them wonder how religious she is.

For the first set of dates, each person is allowed to select whoever they want based on first impressions and the luggage reveal. Megan and Matt select each other. Jason and Lindsey choose each other. Chrystee selects Jason and Doug selects Lindsey.

During the Chrystee and Jason date, Jason is turned off by how quickly Chrystee brings up religion and her strong faith in God and importance of it in her life. Doug and Lindsey really connected.

When the dates are over, the singles are told that before they came on the show a group of experts and compatibility tests determined who they would be most compatible with and that it would be revealed along with the “compatibility score”.  From then on, those matched would be required to go on dates with each other, but during “free time” could select whoever they wanted to go on a date with.

The compatibility matches are revealed as follows:

Megan & Matt (81%)
Chrystee & Jason (75%)
Lindsey & Doug (73%)

Doug & Lindsey immediately connect in the dark room and Doug brings some melted chocolate so that the two of them could play games with it. His idea is to dip his finger in the chocolate and have the girl take his hand and dab the chocolate from his finger on the spot of her body where she wants to be kissed. The problem is him finding the place she dabbed in the dark!

Initially Jason was turned off by Chrystee with her discussion of religion on the first date.  But this time Chrystee brought in a football and the two of them played games with it in the dark while wrestling. Jason felt a connection after that.

Matt brought an indoor surf board in the dar room for him and Megan to play with. She has a lot of fun on it and the two end the date with a kiss.

The first dates with compatibility partners

Unlike last week, during free time some singles decided to see others, but there was no connection. In the end (the final date), each chose to see the person they were compatible with.

The rules for the final date were that the guys would cook the girls dinner and the girls would give the guys a back massage.

Chrystee and Jason were first up and Chrystee asked if she they could hold hands and pray before eating. Jason agrees. Later he says to the camera, that he’s more attracted to Chrystee when she’s playful than when she’s serious.

As with before, Dave and Lindsey enjoy their final date with each other, keeping their connection alive. Barring and serious setback, it’s apparent at this point that they’ll continue to see each other.

Megan and Matt had an interesting date where they were playful with their words, jiving each other, but getting a bit physical in the end.

Next up is the reveal where the couples are brought into a room and have to remain quiet. Each couple faces each other (likely placed there by producers) and one at a time a small light reveals what they look like to their partner. Then that light goes off and the other person is revealed. Here are the responses to the reveal:

Jason & Chrystee
Jason was attracted to Chrystee’s look, but still had serious concerns about her religion.
Chrystee thought Jason was “handsome”

Doug & Lindsey
When returning to the room, Lindsey said “wow” and thought Doug had the nicest smile.
Doug thoought Lindsey was a good looking girl, but that she had some complexion issues (pimples)

Megan & Matt
Megan thought Matt was “the whole package”.
Matt was “very unsure” as Megan was heavier than the type of girl he’s attracted to.

In the End:

> To no one’s surprise, Doug and Lindsey decided they wanted to keep seeing each other.

> Jason walked away, leaving Chrystee on the balcony alone.  He felt that Chrystee’s religion overpowered his desires.

> Megan was waiting on the balcony hoping Matt would show up. When he did, she let out a scream, absolutely thrilled he decided keep seeing her.

What we Learned:

> Talking about religion on a first date can be a turnoff to some.

> For two weeks in a row, a single who is an “actor/actress” is involved in the date that doesn’t work out. This week the show let us know Chrystee was an actress, but last week they hid the fact that Seth was an actor, making one question the possible validity of the show.

> For two weeks straight the compatibility tests have a 2/3rds success rate.

Action Items:

> Dating experts have identified some topics as not being a good idea to discuss on a first date. The list includes politics, religion, and ex boyfriends/girlfriends. Those are topics that can instantly kill a first date or someone’s initial impression of you.

Final Thoughts:
I’m not convinced that there isn’t some scripting in this “reality show” yet. I also don’t like that their is so much influence/interference with the show (i.e. making the guys cook dinner for the final date and girls give massages, one of the couples always bringing an object into the dark room. Last week it was “meaningful things” and this week it was “play things”. The show doesn’t tell us they influence this, but it’s obvious they do.

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