Dating in the Dark Episode #3 Recap

(Online Dating News Blog) Dating in the Dark is a reality TV show that is a social experiment on how singles react if they first have to get to personally know someone without seeing them. This is accomplished by having singles (three guys and three girls every week) meet in a completely black dark room. Only on day four of the four-day experiment are the looks of the people revealed.

Dating in the Dark Recap and Review
Episode #3

The Singles:

Chris (Personal Trainer) — Age 26
Philip (Marine) — Age 27
Billy Ray (no occupation given – is the show hiding that he is an actor like Seth was?) — Age 33

Sasha (writer) — Age 30
Megan (Nanny) — Age 23
Jennifer (Air Force) — Age 30

Right off the bat we learn some interesting things about some of the singles in this episode of Dating in the Dark. For example, the father of Chris passed away from cancer when Chris was only 11. When Chris turned 15 he learned that he had cancer too. Sasha admitted she is somewhat shallow saying, “I usually date boys who are hot”. And Billy Ray shared some thoughts on the show before the first group date, saying “simply by lack of sight there’s no guards up. And if there are, they are dissolved immediately.

During the group date, there’s a lot of chatter going on. One of the guys asks what each lady’s perfect date would be. Sasha gave the most interesting answer saying that the guy would make her laugh so hard that she would both barf and pee her pants… okayyyyyy…

For the initial free choice dates:

Billy Ray chose Megan (and she also chose him)
Sasha chose Billy Ray (but didn’t like him because he was allergic to cats)
Chris chose Jennifer (he did pushups with her on his back at her request)
Philip chose Jennifer (Jennifer liked him)
Sasha chose Chris (and was touched by his family story)

The women were allowed to go through the wallets of the men and the men were allowed to go through the purses of the women. Billy Ray had Lotto tickets and little cash in his wallet. Philip had over $400 in cash in his wallet. Chris had a CPR card. The men noticed that Jennifer likes to chew on a lot of items in her purse. As one guy put it, “she probably has the munchies all the time”. They were impressed with how organized Megan’s purse was.

After the initial dates, it is revealed who were matched together based on compatibility tests done before the show. Here are the results, along with what the compatibility score was:

Sasha & Billy Ray (70%)
Jennifer & Philip (73%)
Megan & Chris (71%)

About being matched with Billy Ray, Sasha said, “that’s why being good on paper doesn’t make for a good relationship.”

Chris (who the first two girls he went on a date with liked him) was excited about being matched with Megan since they had not had a chance to date. They were first up. For the date, Chris brought in a plate (to the darkroom) with six items on it (i.e. an apple, bread, etc.) and had her do a taste test to see how many she could get right. Megan got all six right. Her “prize” (per her request) was an “arm tickle” where he would run his fingers up and down her arm.

Neither Billy Ray or Sasha liked each other and both found themselves bored on the date.

Jennifer and Philip did Salsa dancing, but Jennifer wasn’t feeling any “vibes” seeing him more as a “brotherly” figure.

All three girls like Chris and this became prevalent when, during the “free time”, all three girls invited Chris on a date.

Quickly the other two guys, Philip and Billy Ray realized that they would not find their match on the show as they couldn’t establish a connection with any of the girls, all who were vying for the affections of Chris.

At this point the show becomes more like “The Bachelor”. The girls only want to date Chris now. Who will Chris choose?

For the final date, Chris decides he’s going to kiss all three women, saying, “you can tell a lot by the way a girl kisses, so I told myself I would kiss all three girls to see how they kiss.”

He did kiss all three and found the best kisser to be Jennifer (Jen).

The girls were all attracted to how open Chris was in talking about his experiences.

For the reveal, the other two guys forfeited their option to see any of the girls revealed.  As a result, the show decided to allow Chris to see all three girls and, of course, all three girls would be allowed to see him. But were their expectations too high based on how attracted they were to him in the darkroom?…

The first reveal was Megan and Chris.  About her looks, Chris said, “She looks like a bigger girl than most the girls I’ve dated in the past. She’s not my ideal look, but I’m definitely attracted to her.” Megan was disappointed in the look of Chris saying thatt he doesn’t look like the type of guy she’d go out with (basing that mostly on his clothing style).

The second reveal was Sasha and Chris. Sasha was extremely fidgety and nervous saying later that standing there waiting for the light to come on to reveal you, that you “almost feel naked”. About the looks of Sasha, Chris said, “again, she’s a bigger girl than I’m used to.” He also didn’t like her red hair as he’s not attracted to redheads. About Chris, Sasha wasn’t impressed with his look.

The final reveal was Jennifer (Jen) and Chris. About Jennifer, Chris said she was “totally the most attractive” of the three. He liked her looks.  Jennifer stated that she was “totally attracted to him, but he has a young brotherly look.”

Chris decided he like Jennifer the best. But Chris would have to stand on the balcony and see which of the three would join him then he’d have to reveal his decision.

In the End:

> Sasha was first. She walked out the front door, choosing not to show an additional interest in him.

> Megan was next. She walked out the front door, rejecting Chris.

> That just left Jennifer and Chris was anxious for her to appear on the balcony so that they could continue to date each other. He anxiously waited and heard a door opening, only it was the front door and not the balcony door. Jennifer also rejected Chris. In the end she felt he was too young (she’s 30, he’s 26, but he has a “baby face”). She said, “I feel horrible about not choosing Chris.”

What We Learned:

> When it comes to dating it is still all about looks. In the dark room, all three girls absolutely loved Chris. They liked how he was honest, open and sincere and they could relate to him. They were all excited to choose him… until his looks were revealed. Then all three rejected him. Sasha admitted she was shallow, saying, “I know I’m superficial and I’m kind of OK with that.”

> Looks aside, a lot of women seem attracted to men who are genuine, honest, and sincere.

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  1. I can not believe Jen did not meet him on the balcony! I would of picked Chris up in a heart beat. You do not find many guys like that

  2. Chris was dorky and as interesting as a kid on Barney the dinosaur. I would’ve picked Phil in a sec just for the sound of his voice and just to have sex with him! lol
    But I get he must be used to a lot of girls being attracted to him so it probably brought his ego down a notch to be rejected by 3 women on TV. He was hot!

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