Dating in the Dark Episode 4 Recap

(Online Dating News Blog) Dating in the Dark is a dating reality TV show that seeks to answer the question, “how important are looks in a relationship?” The show answers the question by having couples get to know each other in a dark room over a series of four days before revealing what each person looks like. Could looks ruin chemistry that was developed in the darkroom? Are most people shallow when it comes to looks? Do looks really matter? During its six week summer run, Dating in the Dark answers those questions in this unique social experiment.

Dating in the Dark Recap and Review
Episode #4

The Singles:

Jeff (Aerospace Engineer) — Age 23
Amit (Internet Marketing Consultant) — Age 29
Cormac (Paramedic) — Age 32

Shannon (Brand Manager) — Age 24
Misty (Self Employed Marketer) — Age 35
Kelly (Waitress) — Age 25

The episode starts with both groups meeting in the darkroom where they can’t see each other. The girls arrive first and remain very quiet so that the guys won’t know they are there. Then when the guys reach the table, the girls start laughing. Had they stayed quiet a little bit longer, they may have overheard some interesting conversation. Amit jokes to one of the girls, “by the way, you look great” (of course they can’t see each other – not even their hand in front of their face.” Kelly asks the guys what is the most romantic thing they’ve ever done and Cormac says that he wrote and sang a song for a girl once.

After the initial date, the groups are separated again. The guys are then allowed to see video footage of each lady’s home and the ladies are allowed to see video footage of each guy’s home.

Misty’s home is very nice and organized and she has a gun target in her room with bullets in it. The guys joke about not messing around with her.

Kelly’s home has lots of baked food in it (showing she likes to bake) and is very sunny. It also has a surfboard.

Shannon’s home is quite messy. The drawers are disorganized, the cupboards just have stuff thrown around in them, and ants are crawling everywhere.

Now to the guys. Amit has a home that is big with some not-so-modern furniture leading the girls to believe he lives with his parents. The solo bed in the living room area confirms the suspicions.

Cormac has a very masculine looking home with the colors and style. He also has his guitar and surfboard.

The ladies aren’t sure what to think of Jeff’s place because it has a very feminine look to it. It’s very clean with feminine colors. He also has a teddy bear. Kelly ends up commenting, “Jeff’s place is, I think, more feminine than my own apartment.”

For the initial first dates, each person is allowed to select who they want to go on a date in the darkroom with. Each selects as follows:

Amit and Misty select each other. The date goes great and Misty thinks there is a great chemistry and connection. However, we do see that Amit is a little bit shorter than Misty.

Shannon selects Cormac. He asks her about the ants and she says that she used to kill them, but started getting bad karma so now she doesn’t kill the ants anymore and views them as her “pets”.

Jeff selects Shannon. They have a good date. In one part he asks how much she spends on her hair when she gets it done – “how many hundreds?” and she says “$15” which he loves. They both feel a connection.

Cormac and Kelly select each other and make a good connection.

The host now reveals to the singles which person they are matched with based on compatibility tests they took and relationship expert analysis. They are also told, via a percentage, how strong the match is.  The results are:

Kelly/Cormac (83%)
Misty/Amit (72%)
Shannon/Jeff (75%)

Now each must date the person they are matched with for the four days (with the exception of free time which isn’t covered in this episode).

Jeff and Shannon go on their date again and he brings a dessert plate and feeds her. In the end, she kisses him on the cheek leaving a lipstick mark that the other two guys tease him about.

In the Misty and Amit date, Misty brings a hula hoop for them to have fun with in the dark and Amit brings some boxing gloves, which Misty has fun hitting him with. Misty thinks the match is “right on”.

Cormac brought his guitar to the date with Kelly and he sang her a song.  She has fun with that.

The show skips what the couples do during their free time and instead jumps to the “final dates” which are themed as “dancing in the dark”.

During the Jeff and Shannon date, Shannon (who tends to “tease” a lot) thought Jeff was “dancing too close”. She calls him a “dirty dancer”.

Misty and Admit have fun dancing, but Misty starts to really notice what she calls “the height issue” since he’s a tad shorter than her.

Kelly and Cormac have a great time together and even talk a bit after dancing and enjoy a first kiss. Both feel a strong connection with each other.

At this point, the show brings in a sketch artist for the girls and one for the guys for them to draw what they think the person they have been dating looks like.  This was first done in episode #1, but not since. Shannon told her sketch artist to draw him like Chris from In-Synch (how old was Shannon again?).

In Jeff’s sketch of Shannon, he has her drawn with blond hair. She’s a brunette (the couples aren’t allowed to say anything about their appearance, including color of hair, eyes, etc.).

After the sketches are drawn, they are taken to the person that was sketched. Everyone has a good laugh except for Kelly who didn’t like Cormac’s sketch of her because he shows her with a scowl on her face and she’s a happy person. She thought he did a terrible job of capturing her “personality” in the sketch.

Now comes the big part of the show – the reveal. This always tells a lot about a person.

Jeff and Shannon are first. Jeff likes Shannon’s looks. Shannon absolutely loves Jeff’s look, telling the girls after the reveal that “he’s really cute” and “adorable.” He looks so good that she starts to think that maybe they have a stronger connection than she originally thought.

Up next are Amit and Misty. Misty thinks Amit is “cute” but Amit isn’t quite sure what to think of Misty’s look and can’t put it into words..

For the Kelly and Cormac reveal, Kelly is quite nervous and fidgety. She’s revealed and Cormac likes her. When Cormac is revealed, Kelly isn’t as impressed because of his “pretty boy” look. She thinks he looks like a model on a magazine and she doesn’t like that look. She tells the other girls, “My mom would be impressed. My mom would like that guy”.

In the End:

> Jeff wants to see Shannon again and waits on the balcony. Shannon instead walks out the front door, rejecting him. She says he was “too forward” but that him being so cute made her choice much harder.

> Amit, who wasn’t smitten with Misty’s looks, decided he wanted to continue to see her because of the connection they formed while dating in the dark. So he waits on the balcony. Misty, however, walks out the front door, rejecting him because “I cannot get past the height.” He was shocked that she didn’t show up on the balcony with him.

> Cormac waited on the balcony feeling that he had a “authentic connection with Kelly”. But Kelly had to debate if she wanted to see him more because of his “pretty boy” look. But in the end she decided that her connection with him supersedes her thoughts on his looks and she shows up on the balcony with him.

What We Learned:

> So far this season when it’s come to rejection, it’s overwhelmingly been the women rejecting the men. Why do you think this is? One female friend of mine believes it is because women tend to get a mental picture of the guy and when that doesn’t match, they can’t reconcile it.  Her theory is that women tend to think ahead a lot more than men and as a result, it’s harder for women to accept something that doesn’t match their mental thought process.

> As confirmed in this episode with the Misty situation, height is vital to a lot of women. Many women just don’t like to be taller than the guy they are dating. Anyone wish to elaborate on this as to why it is?

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