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(Online Dating News Blog) Here is an FAQ we put together for the TV show “Dating in the Dark“:

Question: What exactly is Dating in the Dark?

Answer: Dating in the Dark is a weekly hour long TV series on ABC that examines what happens when single people meet other single people in a completely dark environment where they can’t see each others faces or bodies. One must totally rely on a sense of touch, sound, communication, and smell to see if there is an attraction. The TV series brings together three single guys and three single girls every week and starts with group dating before pairing off into solo couples. ABC describes it in a much simpler fashion:

“Dating in the Dark is a sexy social experiment asking the age-old question, ‘Is Love Blind?’ Looks will be taken out of the equation when men and women get to know each other and connect in total darkness.”

Question: When Does it Air?

Answer: Mondays at 10 pm on ABC.

Question: How many episodes are there in season 1?

Answer: Season 1 consists of six episodes.

Question: How long do couples have to get to know each other before their looks are revealed?

Answer: Four days.

Question: How many people are in each episode?

Answer: There are three single men and three single women.

Question: How are the couples paired together?

Answer: Each episode starts with a group date where the six singles get to know each other in the dark. After they are told who experts and compatibility tests say they are best matched with. Taking both into account, they then decide who they want to see more of in a one on one setting.

Question: How are the looks revealed?

Answer: The couple is brought into the dark room and placed facing each other at a distance. They are not allowed to speak with each other during the reveal. The light then shines on one person (see video below). It then goes off and shines on the other person. There is a complicated exception to this rule. A person can choose to see any member of the opposite sex, but only one.  Of course, so far they have all chosen the person they’ve gotten to know better.

Question: What are the ratings like?

Answer: 6.3 million viewers for the pilot episode which is good. Click here for our article on the premiere. For the second episode, 6.4 million tuned in and the show was the highest rated among 18-49 year olds for the 10pm time slot. Following The Bachelorette finale didn’t hurt. But in week #3 the show’s ratings took a nosedive, losing nearly half of it’s audience.

Question: Where can I find updates on the couples?

Answer: You can’t. We do know that some of the contestants read our blog and would welcome their updates. Unfortunately there is no single outlet for updates. ABC says on the show (every episode)  to go to its Website for updates on the couples from Dating in the Dark, yet they don’t provide any updates. It’s one of the poorest designed TV show Websites ever.

Question: Is Dating in the Dark an offshoot of any other show?

Answer: Yes. It is an imported offshoot of the Dutch TV show Blind Love.

Question: Who is the host of Dating in the Dark?

Answer: The host is Rossi Morreale

Question: I have a question that wasn’t answered here. How do I ask it?

Answer: Use the Comments section below or email it (with Dating in the Dark in the Subject header) to

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  1. Sheila S. says:

    I want an update of the couples, where I can find it?

  2. annoyed that there are no updates regarding the couples when clearly the last thing said on the show is to “look for updates on the website.”

    false advertising sucks and I am not impressed ABC!

  3. how do you sign up?

  4. I’m mad that there are no updates on when they promise that there are. The show doesn’t really mean much if we only know they went on one more date.

  5. This show and ABC have been misleading on several levels. First, they are using actors and actresses in the show. Second they say go to for updates and they don’t give updates, and third a TV commercial during “Shark Tank” tonight said Dating in the Dark was the #1 new show on TV during the summer, yet last Monday’s ratings show it was the lowest rated show for its time slot. Other new shows have much better ratings. If ABC wants to earn the respect of its audience, they need to stop being deceptive, IMHO.

    Joe Tracy

  6. Doesn’t it make sense that after seeing these episodes, some viewers might want to know how the couples are doing? We need updates.

  7. That is so stupid that ABC said to visit their website and there are no updates.

  8. reality junkie says:

    Every single week ABC knowingly broadcast false information intentionally designed to mislead viewers, about nonexistent “updates” on the show’s couples. They never had updates. They just want traffic to their website, and used the public airwaves to deceive the public into providing them with “hits”. Filing a complaint with the FCC about their intentional deception using public airwaves, is our only recourse.

  9. I wanted Updates on the Couple from the season finale =/ aww how disappointing

  10. I find the show “interesting” as a study of human nature.
    The International Model (yuck) left because she knew she would not be chosen, and needed to “save face”.
    But, I too would like to have some updates on these couples. I think the network owes it to us for sticking with their program.

  11. How do you actually sign up to be on the show?

  12. I watched the two seasons of the show and have gone to their site since they claimed to have updates from the people on the show. Do you think maybe it’s because none of the couples worked out?

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