Dating in the Dark Premise

datinginthedarklogo(Online Dating News Blog) The premise for Dating in the Dark is as follows:

Each week three single men and three single women, all looking for love, move into separate wings of the same house and remain completely sequestered from the opposite sex. They interact with the opposite sex in a complete dark room that is so dark that those participating can’t even see their hand in front of their face. However, viewers see everything thanks to some nice high-tech infrared cameras.

After four days of wooing, kissing and snuggling in complete darkness, the participants will select one of their dates to be revealed in the light. And after they see each other for the first time, they’ll have to make the ultimate decision to stay with the person they fell for in the dark, or to move on and turn their back on the other person.

Looks are completely removed from the equation in Dating in the Dark as people get to know each other for personality and compatibility. Yet this social experiment also answers the question as to how shallow people still are these days when it comes to looks. The premise is similar to that of two people communicating via an online dating service and neither one posting a photo. No matter how strong the connection, the real question becomes what happens when that photo (or first date) arrives?

The six episode series airs Mondays on ABC (From July 20, 2009 through August 24, 2009).

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