Name Calling – Sheila Dolan’s Summer of Love

(Online Dating News Blog) Sheila Dolan and the younger guy she is on a date with have a heart-to-heart talk. Sheila hates the word “cougar” when referring to an older woman dating a younger man, but he has used the term more than once. This is a pretty good episode, because of the heart-to-heart talk and determine that they are not a match. It’s interesting to hear a date say “talk to you soon” when they have no intention of talking to you again. This is episode 16 titles, “Date with a Youngin’ – Name Calling”.

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  1. Hey Sheila— you go girl!
    I hate the cougar term too— I date younger if someone is interesting , fun and good looking too!!! Just got a new book -is called “Dating the Younger Man”. The author is cindi something and she’s like us. really cool! Taught me alot about not judging all young guys by one bad experience and other stuff. Guess i got to keep practicing! LOL

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