Summer of Love Final Episode – Satellite Sister Sheila Dolan

(Online Dating News Blog) This is the final episode of Satellite Sister Sheila Dolan’s Summer of Love series. The 26-part episode has followed Sheila’s adventures in trying to find true love. From getting kicked off of to having her first date insult her, Sheila has had quite the summer adventure. She wraps it up in this episode titled, “The Recipe for Mr. Right”:

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  1. Sheila really has been on a rollercoaster ride to finding her one true love, I really hope that things work out for her and that she winds up with Mr right .

  2. Oh that date was painful to watch. How could she even consider going on another “date” with that guy? Talk to him and be polite but do not try to make a romantic connection after that bomb of a date.

  3. Haha these are the most weird questions I’ve ever heard someone asking on a date, especially the first one! For example – how do you like you pillow, Or do you like donuts? 😀 Seriously … isn’t there anything better to talk about on first date? And the awkward silence … well it really was awkward. Probably this is the most unpleasant thing what could happen on a first date – the awkward silence!

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