Dating Tips – Confessions of a Matchmaker #9

In Episode 9 of Confessions of a Matchmaker, Patti Novak takes on Jack (a 38-year old Fratboy) and Andrea (a 53-year old that feels old). Here are some dating tips that can be gained from this episode:

Episode 9 (Jack and Andrea) – Dating Tips:

– Having a “crazy” look could make it hard for you to find a date. A lot of times people will use their look to cover up insecurities. Get beyond this – take care of your look and create that nicer and younger person that is deep inside.

– Don’t take your date to a place your friends will be hanging out at.

– Changing the way you look on the outside (new hip style of hair and clothes) will give you a confidence boost on the inside.

– Don’t turn your attention away from your date to someone else for a prolonged time. It is very rude and discourteous.

– Never make derogatory remarks about yourself on a date (“I’ve recently gained some weight”).

Joe’s Comments
Guys, if you are at the place you’re meeting before your date and happen to be sitting down, stand up when she arrives for a proper greeting. In this episode, Jack is sitting at a table and his date walks in. He greets her without standing up. This is not respectful behaviour. It’s appropriate to stand up, greet your date, then sit after she has sat down. At all times you should be showing respect for the person you are on a date with.

Also, learn to read body language. In several episodes I have seen a guy droning on about himself and the women look completely bored. They could get up and leave and the guy wouldn’t even notice!

It’s important to train yourself to be fully aware of your date’s presence. And remember, the less you talk about yourself, the more your date will enjoy herself. Learn to make the date more about her and less about you.

I was not in the least bit impressed with Jack in this episode. He talked about himself, rarely asked questions, and left his date sitting alone while he hooped it up with his buddies (who just so “happened” to be at the same place he was). People with this type of attitude may have short-term success with like-minded people, but will never find satisfying long-term relationships.

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  1. These are really good tips. I always try to buy a new outfit for a new date. It really does help to give you a confidence boost. When you feel good about yourself you are more enjoyable to be around.

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