Dating Tips – Confessions of a Matchmaker #5

Confessions of a Matchmaker is a weekly half-hour show that airs on A&E. It follows matchmaker Patti Novak as she tries to match couples in Buffalo, New York. Below you will find some dating tips that can be learned from Episode 5, Paul & Amy.

Episode 5 (Paul & Amy) – Dating Tips:

– Avoid being “motherly” or “fatherly”. Your date is looking for a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. They already have a mom and dad.

– If you once felt sexy and confident, but don’t anymore, then do everything you can to get it back (i.e. change your look, lose weight, change your attitude, etc.). If you feel good about yourself, it will show. So change your lifestyle so that you once again feel good about yourself.

– Being egotistical, cocky, or talking about yourself too much on a date is a huge turnoff.

– LISTEN on your date (and that doesn’t mean listening to yourself speak).

– Learn table manners before you go on a date.

– If you live with your parents, don’t talk about it on your date!

– Never talk about your ex on a first date.

– “You’ve got to love yourself to be loved.”

– Be humble.

– If you feel your date is asking all the questions, learn to switch the focus back to them, by asking them questions about things that interest them.

Joe’s Comments
Living with your parents when you are old enough to marry is a major turnoff to potential dates. It’s probably information you shouldn’t volunteer – particularly on a first date! It instantly puts up red flags (what’s wrong with him/her that he/she still lives with mommy and daddy?).

I’ve noticed that in several episodes, people make the mistake of talking about past relationships while on a date. Some volunteer, but others are asked. This is a topic to avoid at all costs. If you are asked about your ex, simply say “that’s a topic for another time” or “let’s instead talk about…” (change the subject – preferably to something you know your date is interested in). You can also take the direct and honest approach: “I never talk about past relationships on a first date”.

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