Dating Tips – Confessions of a Matchmaker #7

Every week on A&E, Patti Novak dispenses dating advice to singles through her reality series Confessions of a Matchmaker. Below are dating tips that can be learned from Episode 7, Janet and Derek.

Episode 7 (Janet & Derek) – Dating Tips:

– Learn to be Self-Confident. You have to assert yourself.

– Don’t create a “wall of excuses” that keeps you from dating and dating success.

– It’s important to mentally be ready for love before you begin searching for love.

– If you don’t feel sexy or good looking, then get a makeover! Build your confidence before your date.

– To be good at dating, you sometimes have to take risks that put you outside of your comfort zone (like being self-confident).

– In order to let others in, you must first let your guard down.

Joe’s Comments
One of the biggest inhibitors to successful dating is having a lack of confidence. If you are a person who lacks confidence, it’s important to first build that back up. I’d recommend the following books:

The Confidence Plan: How to Build a Stronger You

Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway

The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence

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  1. It’s true, you really do have to be in a position of accepting love before you can find it. If you haven’t made room in your life for someone else yet, then how are they supposed to fit in it?

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