Dating Tips – Confessions of a Matchmaker #8

Confessions of a Matchmaker with Patti Novak is a weekly TV series on A&E that follows Novak as she matches people and gives them dating tips to improve their experience. Here are some dating tips learned from Episode 8 – Mary and Mick:

Episode 8 (Mary & Mick) – Dating Tips:

– Learn how to act on a date. If you are rough around the edges then consciously work on softening those edges for your date.

– Don’t be negative. Leave your negativity at home. If you don’t have something nice to say during the date then just ask questions.

– Being a tough girl with an attitude scares guys away. Learn some manners and work to become more balanced… if you want to find love, that is.

– When you’re overly passionate about something (i.e. Mick and his music), you should probably not bring up the subject at all on your first date because it could become easy to get carried away and quickly bore your date (you won’t know he/she is bored because you’ll be too busy talking about your passion). Instead, invest in learning about your date.

– Dress appropriately for the place you will be having your first date. If it is a nice restaurant, jeans and a t-shirt are not appropriate.

– Be open-minded to ways of doing things (for example, if you have never gone to an art museum, go to one). Increase your horizons.

– Don’t talk down to your date (in answering a question his date asked him, Mick said “the money’s just not there, kid.”)

– Never insult the intelligence of your date. Treat them with respect and interest.

Joe’s Comments
Mary was really rough around the edges. She goes out with a guy who likes art and makes derogatory comments about art. To her credit, she tried to learn some manners, but still scared away the two guys she went out on dates with because of her very direct, rough, and opinionated attitude. The lesson here is not to change your personality, but yet bring balance to your life through the learning of opposing forces. For example, if you’re always loud, opinionated, and negative then take a course in meditation. Learn to balance out the negatives with positives and it will make you a much more appealing person to date.

Time and time again, I hear people talk about how they went on a date with a hot guy or girl and when that person opened their mouth, they quickly became the most unattractive person in the world. There’s a lesson to be learned here. Attraction goes much deeper than looks. An average looking person can become very attractive to their date through manners, respect, being fun, and learning to listen.

Another tip I’d like to add from watching this episode: don’t sabotage your dates. There are some people who are afraid of success or afraid of finding love, so they tend to “sabotage” their dates or relationships. Don’t do this. You deserve love and you deserve happiness. Do everything possible to make both successful.

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  1. The tough girl thing is something that I’ve had to soften up on in the years. Now I have learned how to pretend to be a not so tough girl. It took awhile learning to not grab something heavy myself and allow the man to do it, or to not stick up for myself so quick when someone is rude to me. It is better when the man takes care of that stuff for you!

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