Online Dating Tips from an Online Dater

A 24 year old female online dater from South Carolina has written about her online dating experience, for Online Dating Magazine, which shares some good online dating tips. The title of the user experience is “Online Dating Tips from an Online Dater“. Here’s an excerpt:

1) Some sites are scams. Beware of the emails that are created by the site itself but appear to be coming from an individual on the site. is particularly bad about this.

2) Before giving any money to a site, check out their cancellation policy. Some have some very shady dealings.

3) Some sites are too narrowed in the questions they ask and how they match you up…

You can read the full user experience by clicking here.

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  1. With so many singles still afraid to try online dating chances are they are going to stay single. Online dating has a stigma about it still that is stopping perfectly normal singles from having a go at an tried and trusted way of meeting someone.

  2. Masti is correct. You can meet people online and develop great friendships along the way. There are a lot of scammers out there but there are also a lot of good guys and gals looking for genuine relationships that you will miss out on if you sit behind a wall of fear. There are also a lot of dating sites genuine about the way they are allowing people to register with the chance to meet people.

  3. As a matter of fact, there are numerous dating websites over the Internet and it is difficult for novice web users to differentiate between a genuine and scam website. I am sure the tips shared herein would help this group of web users to join a reliable dating website.

  4. I think that some people will look for a scam in everything. These are the people that never try anything new in life.Sometimes you have to live a little and have a little trust.

  5. There are a great number of dating sites online now. Many people have tried creating their own as a plan to get rich quick. Unfortunately, they soon learn that it takes hard work and time for any site to become successful so they stop maintaining the site they have created. The site may stay online for years until their prepaid hosting runs out. These sites are to avoided. Dating sites require a lot of on going work to keep scammers out and their members safe. Simply checking the copyright date at the bottom of a site is often all you need to do to check if the site is being maintained.

  6. I agree that some of the sites are scam so we must be aware of it and be more cautious in joining site like this. Thanks for sharing this info with us.

  7. Thanks For sharing this information with us. This is a big help for the people who are active in Online dating. But please be aware of the site that you are joining because some of them are scammers. They are using fake profiles to get your attention and asking for you account. If you want to meet them, please do see them in person for you to know them well. Don’t put your trust so easily. Better use a screen name or code name upon joining this site to hide your personal identity because someone might use it. Please beware of SCAMMERS!

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