Patti Novak – Confessions of a Matchmaker #10

Thanks to Patti Novak, matchmaking is a big business in Buffalo, New York. In Episode 10 of Confessions of a Matchmaker, Novak takes on Jamie (who has nearly 10 pets) and Grant (who is conservative and works for the Republican Party). Here are some dating tips that can be gained from this episode:

Episode 10 (Jamie and Grant) – Dating Tips:

– If you have an obsession (like lots of animals in your house), don’t talk about them on your first date.

– If you’re very conservative, learn to loosen up a bit and don’t dress too conservatively on your date.

– Be willing to try new things.

– Keep an open mind about the person you are dating.

Joe’s Comments
Patti Novak’s name for this episode could have been “mis-matcher”. First she matches a woman who loves animals (and has quite a few) with a guy who hunts animals. Then she matches a guy, Grant, who works for the Republican Party and isn’t adventurous, with a girl who is very liberal (her family too) and who wants to date a guy who is very adventurous with a wild side.

Ironically, both dates worked out. There’s a lesson here and that is “keep an open mind”. Just because a person doesn’t have the same belief system as you doesn’t mean that it can’t work out.

Favorite line from this episode:
Patti Novak had told Jamie not to talk about her animals (which includes three cats). But her date, Tony, started asking her about pets. Novak’s voiceover is heard – “Tony had opened Pandora’s Litterbox”.

Second favorite line from this episode:
When Grant’s date finds out he’s conservative, she asks, “so you watch a lot of Fox News?”

Third favorite line from this episode:
Grant’s date asks him how adventurous he is and he responds, “I’ve been known to dance quite a bit a certain friends weddings after a few drinks”

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  1. I love that grant. He’s my Rushmore!

  2. I never would have thought Grant and his date would hit it off, they could be the next odd couple.

  3. This is true that opposites can attract. I love animals and I once dated a man that loved to hunt. We made a deal in the beginning that he would never tell me his hunting stories, it worked for us.

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