First Online Date – Is He Metrosexual or Gay?

(Online Dating News Blog) Here’s an interesting video project that follows a couple on their first date. Instantly the girl begins wondering about the guy. He says he’s metrosexual, but she’s starting to think he’s gay…

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  1. Lol- Great video to watch , I feel quite sorry for the poor guy who cares if he is gay or metrosexual as long as he is entertaining the public 🙂

  2. Awww bless, but I don’t think he was acting 😉 he’s sweet!
    While I think it was a little bit naughty of him to arrange a date (and invite his mum!) I’d forgive him… bless!


  3. Haha ! Great video, kind of off topic but i think its stupid to judge people by there sexuality. Sometimes its not a choice for what you want to be, what you are is what you are. Great And Funny video anyhow !

  4. Funny video. I hope she made him buy a really expensive dinner for playing along and being a good sport. Though she doesn’t look all that str8 herself.

  5. @ Rhonda,
    I think that only a dinner woudn’t be enought 😀 Anyway, that was a nice video, but it is actually showing that a lot of people are hiding their sexuality in public and they are actually afraid of what other people would think of them and especially their families. If i were gay i would have shared this with my family – keeping a big secret is not helthy at all !

  6. Nice video. I feel sorry for the girl … that woud be the worst date ever 🙂
    But anyway @Presli in the video the guy said that his parents can`t accept that he is gay, so sharing is kind of not an option for him 😉

  7. i love funny videos…please, add more, thanks!

  8. This was pretty funny! It’s like one of those horror dates you hear about all the time when someone is online and goes on a date with someone that turns out to be the complete opposite of what they say. But, that’s the chance you have to take when you try to start love, especially today. It doesn’t matter if you find someone online or meet them at a store, you never know who they really are until you spend time with them and get to know them. I just hope something like that doesn’t happen to me. Although, I would make the best of it and laugh it off! =)

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