Are You Crazy Enough for Online Blind Dates?

(Online Dating News Blog) The creators of free online dating service OKcupid have created a new concept on online dating – blind dates. Last November the team launched a new service called Crazy Blind Date that allows people in select cities to meet up with others without seeing a picture or ever communicating with them.

The way the service works is like this:

1) You sign up for an account and upload a photo that they do a “super blur” on so that people can’t tell what you look like.

2) You enter criteria for your date like the age range, height range, ethnic background, and education.

3) You select a place and time where you would like to meet someone.

4) When the system finds a match, you are notified and given the super blurry picture of your date and a short description (so that you can find each other).

5) You go on the blind date!

The new twist to “online dating” opened in November 2007 in four cities and has since expanded to three more. The cities it now serves are:

Washington D.C. Metro Area
Los Angeles
San Francisco Bay Area
New York City

Joe’s Comments
Interesting… what do you guys think of this concept?

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  1. Well this is interesting. I question the need for a super blured photo because you may as well upload clip art or have no photo at all. I wouldn’t be interested in investing in such a project but it would be interesting to see how one turned out if it was started.

  2. Whats the point of having a blurry picture? you might as well not have a picture at all… i think it defeats the whole purpose of using a picture at all.

  3. Well the concept of blind date seems really appealing. But I personally feel that without a clear photo it may not be as interesting as it sounds. The members may become frustrated if their expectations are not met.

  4. Blind means blind, seems silly to use a blurry picture. You really do have to be crazy to go on an online blind date. At least when a friend sets you up on a blind date THEY know what the person looks like.

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