Prescription for Love – Just What the Doctor Ordered?

On July 15, 2004, American Ricky Durham lost someone close to him – his brother who had been battling Crohns Disease. Ricky saw his brother face many struggles, including dating. He had to use a colostomy bag; something that doesn’t make for pleasant conversation on a date.

Inspired by his brother, Ricky opened up a new online dating service last year for people who face various diseases. Called Prescription4Love, the mission of the dating service is “to be the premier resource for people with special conditions to find each other for happiness.” The site is dedicated to the memory of Ricky’s brother – James Keith Durham.

“My brother Keith passed away July 15, 2004,” says Ricky on his site. “Back then the website was in the developmental stage but he liked the idea. As we were developing the website, it came to my attention that there were so many people who had different conditions that might want to use my website for friendship or love.”

The online dating service has more than 1,000 members, targetting people with the following conditions:

Infertility / Impotence
Recovering Alcoholics
Little People
Multiple Sclerosis
Transplant Patients
Parkinson’s Disease
Burn Victims

“Finding others with similar circumstances is a natural desire for everyone,” says Ricky. “Honesty is important, but finding an opportunity to mention such subjects can be difficult. By using, you can be honest in advance and progress to the next stages of friendships and relationships.”

Joe’s Comments
Seeing an niche online dating service started out of a passion for love – versus a passion for money – is very refreshing.

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  1. I have filled out the questionaires on the ‘prescription4love’ dating service twice, but have not received any replies and it’s been 2 months. There doesn’t seem to be any way to contact their website other than ‘Outlook’ which I don’t subscribe to. Could you ask Ricky Durham to tell me how to get in touch with him ? Thanks

  2. I agree with Joe… there are too few businesses built out of love. I wish Ricky and his subscribers all the best.

  3. I guess this is a great site for people with some type of illness or disability to date online. It is happy to note that sites like this care for such group of people who are ignored or find it difficult in dating with others.

  4. That is a great idea!!! I have a cousin who has been in a wheelchair her entire life, I don’t think she has ever been on a date and she is almost 40. I will have to tell her about the site.

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