Online Photo Tips #4 – Striking a Pose

(Online Dating News Blog) When having a picture taken of you, don’t be in the center of the frame. Instead, apply the rule of thirds as Carson Kressley explains in this photo tips video:

Online Photo Tips #3 – What to Wear

(Online Dating News Blog) Knowing what to wear to have your online dating profile picture taken is very important. In this episode, Carson Kressley shares tips on how to look your best by the clothese you select.

Online Photo Tips #2 – Picture Tips

(OnlineĀ  Dating News Blog) In this episode, Carson Kressley shares tips on creating a better picture of you using things like depth of field. Using some of these tips can greatly enhance your online photos.

Online Photo Tips #1 – Carson Kressley

(Online Dating News Blog) Here is part one of some online photo tips by Carson Kressley who you may remember from the popular TV show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”.