How Much Does it Cost to Join eHarmony?

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Question: How much does it cost to join eHarmony?
Here are eHarmony’s prices as of December 2008:

1 month: $59.95

3 months: $119.85

6 months: $179.70

12 months: $239.40

Sometimes you can find some discounts by visiting Online Dating Magazine’s eHarmony Promotions page.

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(Online Dating News Blog) yesterday issued a press release attacking eHarmony over its past stance on same-sex matches. also warned gays and lesbians that eHarmony’s upcoming same-sex matching service, which arose from a settlement agreement with the State of New Jersey, sends gays and lesbians to another site, still refusing access to eHarmony’s core service.

Click here to read the full news story.

And who can ever forget’s infamous “Still Gay?” ad (directly below) from several years ago?

What Happens After eHarmony’s Free Communication Weekend?

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Question: What happens after eHarmony’s free communication weekend ends?
Once eHarmony’s free communication weekend ends, you can no longer communicate with your matches unless you sign up for an paid membership (or until the next free communication weekend). If you want to keep communicating with your matches (and see photos, which free communication weekend doesn’t allow) then you should sign up for an account – however look to see if there are any eharmony promotion codes and discounts first!

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Class Action Lawsuit Certified Against eHarmony

(Online Dating News Blog) Online Dating Magazine has just broken the news that a class action lawsuit against eHarmony has been certified in the State of California.  The lawsuit alleges discrimination against gays and lesbians for not providing same-sex matching.

This is big news coming a day after eHarmony’s settlement agreement with the State of New Jersey and announcement it was going to offer gay and lesbian matching.

You can read the Online Dating Magazine story, titled “Class Action Lawsuit Against eHarmony Certified” by clicking here.

eHarmony Free Communication this Weekend

(Online Dating News Blog) Online relationships service eHarmony is holding another eHarmony free communication weekend event.  This one starts tomorrow, November 21 and runs through Sunday, November 23. Users who sign up for eHarmony will be allowed to communicate with their matches for free during the weekend. However, eHarmony will only allow paying members to see photos.

eHarmony to do Same-Sex Matchmaking

(Online Dating News Blog) eHarmony announced today that it is designing a new service in order to match gays and lesbians. The same-sex matchmaking site will be called Compatible Partners and will open to the public in the first quarter of 2009.

The announcement came as part of a same-sex discrimination complaint that was filed against eHarmony in the State of New Jersey. To settle the case, eHarmony had to agree to do matchmaking for gays and lesbians and to promote the service through mediums used by same-sex singles.

You can read the full story at Online Dating Magazine, which published an article on it titled “eHarmony to Match Gays and Lesbians

Online Dating Magazine has also published in-depth details about the settlement agreement.