Video – Dummies and Online Dating

Online Dating Magazine has put out a new video about dummies and online dating, appropriately titled, “Online Dating for Dummies”. In the video, there are two dummies and their only job is to provide expert online dating tips. Hard to mess that up, right? Not for these two dummies. enjoy…

Online Dating Dummies

Online Dating Video for Robots

When you’re a robot, things are much harder to come by because there is a lack of manuals, information, support, and videos for robots to accomplish the various daily robotic duties. Luckily some people saw this need and have made an online dating safety video for robots. This video helps robots maneuver the world of online dating in search of their true love and lifelong partner. So if you have a robot in your family, be sure to show them this video so that they can be educated about online dating and online dating safety in our growing age of robotics…

Online Dating Stand Up Comedy

(Online Dating News Blog) Here’s a short, but funny, online dating stand up comedy routine. And the suggestion about people should be required to hold a paper with today’s date in their photos actually isn’t a bad one… 🙂

Online Dating Commercials Site Opens

(Online Dating News Blog) A new Website, Online Dating Commercials, has opened to give visitors an entertaining glimpse into the world of online dating ads.

In addition to real ads by online dating services, Online Dating Commercials features spoofs, spec commercials, and funny dating videos.

Here are links to each new section:

> Online Dating Commercials
> Online Dating Spoofs.
> Online Dating Spec Commercials.
> Funny Dating Videos.

Yesterday, Online Dating Magazine opened up another new site for singles titled Online Dating Bookmarks. That site provides rankings of the best services, sites, and content online for online daters.

New Site – Online Dating Bookmarks – Launches

(Online Dating News Blog) Online Dating Magazine has launched a new Website called Online Dating Bookmarks, which is a resource for online daters and singles looking for the most in-depth dating information online.

Online Dating Bookmarks describes and links to the best content online in a variety of categories. Categories include:

> Online Dating Services
> Online Dating Articles
> Online Dating Tips
> Online Dating Research
> Online Dating Humor
> Online Dating Cartoons
> Online Dating Experiences
> Online Dating Satire
> Online Dating Safety
> Online Dating Videos
> Online Dating Industry

In addition, Online Dating Bookmarks will be publishing its own in-depth information for online daters. The first in this series is an article titled 12 Online Dating Safety Tips.

Online Dating Bookmarks is also embedding some of the best funny dating videos online, like the wildly popular Wii Dating.

For more information, visit Online Dating Bookmarks.