New Online Dating Information Site Launched

(Online Dating News Blog) Online Dating Magazine has announced the launch of a new Website – Online Dating Information – dedicated to providing informative advice to online daters. One of the key areas the new site will be focusing on is online dating safety.

In addition to the Online Dating Information site, Online Dating Magazine opened up two other new sites this week – Online Dating Commercials and Online Dating Bookmarks. The unique thing about Online Dating Bookmarks is that it became the first Online Dating Magazine Network Website to list top dating services using specific criteria (like BBB complaints, reviews, user experiences, number of members, etc.).

Formed in July, 2003, Online Dating Magazine is the largest online independent publication for online daters. It contains more than 1,500 pages of original content and has more than 80,000 unique readers a month.

Online Dating Commercials Site Opens

(Online Dating News Blog) A new Website, Online Dating Commercials, has opened to give visitors an entertaining glimpse into the world of online dating ads.

In addition to real ads by online dating services, Online Dating Commercials features spoofs, spec commercials, and funny dating videos.

Here are links to each new section:

> Online Dating Commercials
> Online Dating Spoofs.
> Online Dating Spec Commercials.
> Funny Dating Videos.

Yesterday, Online Dating Magazine opened up another new site for singles titled Online Dating Bookmarks. That site provides rankings of the best services, sites, and content online for online daters.