Straight to the Point – Jen & Christy on Online Dating

One of the great things about YouTube is that virtually anyone can use it to share their opinions. Take for example, Jen & Christy in the video below. They decided to start a channel offering their opinions and advice. Now before we ever publish a video on the Online Dating News Blog, we first go through it to see if it is worth posting. And in this case… it is.  What we like about this video is that Jen & Christy don’t hold back. They are pretty blunt, which also leads us to warn you that the language in this video is not G-rated. Many cuss words are tossed around freely. Despite the language, the video is refreshing. It’s to the point with excellent advice and tips, mostly around the first communication and your profile. For example – “HI is a greeting, not a conversation starter”. There’s a reason many men don’t hear from women they try to communicate with on an online dating service and Jen & Christy nail quite a few.

Warning: Bad Language (hopefully they don’t do this on a date) 🙂

Straight to the Point – Jen & Christy on Online Dating

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Online Dating Tonight 06 – Online Dating Tips

(Online Dating Tonight) In this sixth episode of Online Dating Tonight, the subject of online dating tips is tackled. These are general online dating tips to help you get more responses and, overall, have more success with online dating. In this episode, Lela (an online dating expert) talks about what to consider when joining a service and what to do when creating your profile or communicating with other people whose profile you’ve read. And if you’re a Star Trek fan, you’ll learn that Cassandra (the show’s host) knows how to handle Klingons.

Online Dating Tips

Online Dating Tonight 04 – QandA

(Online Dating Tonight) This fourth episode of Online Dating Tonight features a question and answer session with the three previous guests on the first three episodes of Online Dating Tonight. The show allows viewers, such as yourself, to submit online dating questions that are then answered “on air”. The funny thing is that the majority of questions submitted were about Cassandra (hopefully all the attention she gets doesn’t go to her brain). Some of the actual online dating questions submitted include: “What is the most popular online dating service?” and “Is it safer to use a paid service versus a free online dating service?” We now turn you over to Cassandra and the fourth episode of Online Dating Tonight:

Online Dating Tonight – Online Dating Questions and Answers

New Online Dating Newsletter Launches

(Online Dating News Blog) The first issue of the new Online Dating Newsletter was delivered to subscribers yesterday (if you’re not subscribed, click here to subscribe). The weekly newsletter has a dating advice column, online dating news, an interactive “you make the call” column, and featured video of the week. In case you missed it, here is some of the content:

> Featured Video: Valentine’s Day Tip for Men
Men, this is a must watch with Valentine’s Day approaching.

> You Make the Call
If you meet up with a date and he/she is about 10 years oldeer than their photo, what would you do?

> Dear Dating Advice
Best places for a first date.

> Online Dating News Class Action Lawsuit Proceeds

> Online Dating Tip
Why are response rates so low on online dating services and how can you improve it?