Becoming a Better Listener in a Relationship

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Question: Do you have any tips on becoming a better listener in a relationship?
There is an adage that rings very true here – practice makes perfect. Think of becoming a better listener as a challenge. Your goal is to master that challenge. Here are three excellent starting points:

1. Ask followup questions to what the person is saying. If you have a rule of asking a followup question then you’ll have to listen more closely in order to know what you’re going to ask.

2. Stay away from a lot of alcohol and sugary drinks (i.e. sodas) that can inhibit your ability to listen.

3. Look at the person when they are talking. If you look a person in the face (you can even focus on something like the eyes or nose) then your attention is on them. When your attention is on the person, then you tend to hear what they are saying.

Here are a couple of good articles to read on the subject:

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