Breaking Up Advice

(OnDating) This episode of OnDating talks about breaking up and includes an interview with Kristina de la Cal, author of the book Breaking Up Without Breaking Down.  As with all the OnDating videos, it starts with a question on the street that people answer. In this episode, the question is, “Do you think most breakups are a blessing in disguise.” We got a laugh from the first girl to answer who said she doesn’t like breakups which is why she doesn’t date people.

After you’ve watched the video, here are a couple of other great articles on breaking up:

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  1. Regarding breaking up, I prefer to call it an opportunity for a change of habits. It’s like having an addiction and you need to cut yourself from it. It’s painful but necessary…

    It’s a good blog you have there, I love it!

  2. Thats always the hardest part in a relationship, but not everyone can have a flourishing relationship, the advice is great,

  3. I also agree with Frank.
    This is the kind of advices that I give to my best freinds in this situation.

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