Breakup Makeover

(OnDating) A couple of days ago we posted a video providing breaking up advice. Today it’s all about the Breakup Makeover. That’s right, instead of spending days and weeks moping over a breakup, you can instead embrace what has happened and channel your energy into giving yourself a “breakup makeover” that will make you a better person and serve for better relationships in the future.

OnDating’s Andrea Syrtash is back and in the video below she is providing some valuable advice on how to move beyond the breakup and turn it into an event that can prepare you for your future in dating.

This episode also contains an interview with Kristina de la Cal, author of the book Breaking Up Without Breaking Down. Are you ready to celebrate your breakup?

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  1. As a dating coach, I’d like to give my opinion on the topic of breaking up with women.

    Most guys don’t stop seeing the women that don’t give them what they want, that aren’t right for them.

    Why? It’s simple…

    Most people FEAR CHANGE. Most people would rather stay with someone so they aren’t all alone, plus they know exactly what to expect from the woman they’ve been with for a while…

    Which is better for most guys than to be all alone and in situations where things don’t seem that certain anymore.

    You see, in their minds, breaking up, being single and getting a date again will take a lot more effort than just staying with someone…

    But that’s BS, because no effort doesn’t equal being happy AT ALL. Hell, the most precious things in life will come to you after a lot of hard work…

    But staying the same is just so much easier and way less confronting, which is exactly why most people don’t get rid of the people that don’t give them what they want.

    And if you’re reading this and recognize yourself in what I just described, ask yourself: do I want to be happy… or do I want to be comfortable?

    I choose happiness over being comfortable ANY DAY, but do you?

    To More Dating Success,

    Dennis Miedema
    Win With Women

  2. I believe that a breakup make-over is the best thing for anyone when going through a separation. Taking time for yourself is the most important thing to get back on track quickly. Knowing who you are and what you need most will help you recover appropriately. I say this because you can heal and be bitter and evil if you haven’t forgiven yourself and others.

    Thanks for the information.

  3. This is an excellent video post. I loved the guy who said that when you are dating your tend to ignore your closest friends. It’s strange how that happens when you are sixteen or forty five.

    Good advice to start hanging out with our best friends again.

  4. Hmmm, a Break Up Makeover. Yes, we all do ignore our friends. The reason is when’s the last time you got to sleep with your friends? Unless you have a “Friend with Benefits” then you will have to ignore some friends just to get a relationship going…


  5. I agree, it is weird how your best friends disappear when they start dating regularly. But they all accept you back when its over.

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