Dating Advice – Kissing on First Date

(OnDating) In this episode of OnDating, Andrea Syrtash answers several dating questions providing dating advice to the average dater. Here are the questions that she answers in this episode:

“How can I get more dates?”

“Is it OK to kiss on the first date?”

“How do you legalize polygamy?”

Below the video, I provide the answers I would have given to those questions.

How Can I Get More Dates?
Research shows that the emergence of online dating has resulted in singles dating more than ever. Online dating and social networking are great ways to meet new people. If you are more of the “in-person” type, you should look to volunteeering to meet new people. You also get the additional benefit of helping out an organization or people in need.

Is it OK to Kiss on the First Date?
Kissing on the first date is a hot topic because a lot of people have internal debates as to whether or not it is appropriate. In reality it comes down to how comfortable you are with someone and how well you know them. For example, some people communicate for weeks online and on the phone before meeting for the first time. By the time a first date arrives they feel they already know each other. What’s amazing is the varying degree of opinions on the subject of kissing on the first date. I’d love to hear what you think – please use the Comments section below to tell us why you think it is right or wrong to kiss on the first date.

How Do You Legalize Polygamy?
There’s no way I’m answering this one because, unlike Andrea, I didn’t think the guy was being serious when he asked that question. For information on polygamy, including practices worldwide, definitions, etc., visit Wikipedia.

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